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Comptoir des Voyages. Accessible travel specialists


Today we would like to introduce you to Marie Odile Vincent, and her travel agency Comptoir des Voyages, specialized on accessible travel. Her job is to ensure 100% accessible vacation to disabled people. Custom made offer, to make sure that your hotel, your transportation, and your activities are fit to your needs. For Marie Odile, research is a key aspect in the accessible travel industry, in order to ensure a successful vacation to wherever you are going, with accommodations and sites that are accessible to clients with reduced mobility.

Whether you want to travel to the Grand Cannyon, The Highlands in Scotland or Perth in Australia, Comptoir des Voyages works on unique trips, based on the discovery of the "real" country: typical accommodations, local transportation, authentic experiences... Allowing the clients to live closer to the reality of the country, meet the people and their culture.

No traveler has the same desires or the same passions. That's why they build every day very well differentiated trips. No disabled person is like any other. Whether you travel in a wheelchair, manual or electric, using a cane or you walk a short distance, Comptoir des Voyages will make it for you. " Because they believe that some trips require special attention, they work hard to make it real".

When Marie Odile speaks of disability is not a matter of daring. It is as much based on a relationship of trust that ensures a successful trip. They take all important things into account: the dimensions of a wheelchair necessary to air transport, the stronger pace for comfort and acceptance of being carried by a third party. They know very well what they do: The destination, consultants know how to ask the right questions and almost always have the right answer.

Comptoir des Voyages is committed to open destinations by making products and services accessible or adaptable, whether in terms of transport, accommodation and service a-la-carte. For them client specific needs should be combined with culture, nature and lifestyle. These requirements are only the beginning: traveling with them you will go to the end of your travel desires and this is why they do not intend to stop here.

Journalists have been seduced by the incredible energy of Marie-Odile and her unique accessible trips. Discover her her blog including a broad selection of articles about accessible travel. You will better understand the approach of Marie-Odile and why she is so pasionate about it.

Comptoir des Voyages
Address: 2 au 18 rue St Victor - 75005 Paris, France
tél: 01 53 10 30 15
fax: 01 53 10 47 71

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