Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center (CDTC) offers children and adults with physical and/or mental challenges a chance to participate in a unique therapy program. An essential part of this program is the interaction with dolphins. The playful interaction with dolphins forms a powerful reward for the child or adult as soon as an exercise is completed successfully.

It is no coincidence that Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center, the leading dolphin assisted therapy center in the world, is located on Curacao.

Extensive research has shown that the interaction increases the ability to concentrate up to four times more then in normal circumstances. In addition to that it also shows a strong stimulus in the sense of sensory integration (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell).

Dolphin assisted therapy at Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center is created for people starting at the age of three with a mental and/or physical disability. Disabilities such as autism, brain injury, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, down syndrome, apraxia and dystonia are examples that are eligible for the dolphin therapies.

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

Dolphin Suites is the preferred accommodation for families participating in the dolphin assisted therapy program. The hotel offers special prices and a booking priority to families who participate in the dolphin assisted therapy program offered by CDTC.

¿Who is The Curacao Dolphin Therapy Centre?
CDTC is the leading dolphin assisted therapy center in the world, founded in 2004 and located on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. Theuy employ a group of caring specially trained and qualified professionals, including psychologists, physical, speech and occupational therapists. And, of course, five bottlenose dolphins who perform exclusively in their program.

Who visits the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center
CDTC welcomes around 400 patients and their families from around the world each year. CDTC treats people of 3 years and older with special needs like Autism, Asperger and Down Syndrome, or psychological conditions like depression, PTSD and burnout.

What does CDTC do?
Since 2004, they have been providing personalized dolphin assisted therapy and rehabilitation programs. They offer our two-week programs in four languages: English, Dutch, German and Spanish. They care for parents and siblings and family as a whole is an essential part of our therapy concept. CDTC continuously seeks to implement therapy forms that provide added value to its line of competences, such as the Brucker biofeedback method.

Why it works
Connecting and interacting with dolphins stimulates and rewards patients to make progress. A dolphin can capture your attention, set you at ease and offers unique ways to motivate you. After a two-week program, patients show significant improvements that had seemed impossible while at home.

The CDTC difference
CDTC concept facilitates a difference in people?s lives. Special-needs children improve their physical, verbal and social skills and gain self-confidence. People with trauma recover and those with burnout relax and reorganize. This is not a miracle, but the result of a tailor-made treatment provided by a professional and multidisciplinary team of therapists and specially selected dolphins in a natural environment.

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

An inspiring place to stay
Curacao has everything that you could wish for on a Caribbean island, like beautiful beaches, waving palm trees and crystal clear water. But it doesn?t stop there. It will dazzle you with beautiful nature areas, a rich culture, great dining and nightlife, friendly multilingual people and a famous historical town center.

A reliable place to stay
Curacao has high quality medical facilities, including the most modern hospital in the southern Caribbean. The island?s infrastructure and telecommunications are top notch. As a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the political climate and currency are stable. Curacao is outside of the hurricane belt and no special vaccinations are needed. With daily flights to Europe, the U.S. and South America, home is never more than a day away.

A convenient place for therapy
CDTC?s location on the Curacao?s south coast was chosen because of the spacious natural lagoons for the dolphins, and the calm crystal clear Caribbean water. For many of their guests, just being there is already a relaxing experience, which is a great starting point for this therapy.

Where to stay on Curacao: Dolphin Suites
As a popular tourist destination, Curacao offers plenty of hotels, apartments and guesthouses, for every taste and in every price range.

Dolphin Suites is a hotel that offers comfortable accommodations to people with and without special needs. Dolphin Suites was especially founded by CDTC because most patients who participated in dolphin assisted therapy could not find suitable accommodation. All rooms have wheelchair approachable bathrooms, custom-made beds, and nicely decorated. On top of that, the guests get free access to the wheelchair accessible beach next to the hotel. The suites are also proud sponsors of the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center.

Dolphin Suites has filled this gap with all the style and comfort of a tasteful modern ?boutique? hotel, but also with full wheelchair access and extensive assistive equipment. It is close to numerous restaurants, cozy beach bars and several water sports centers.

Dolphin Suites is just a short walk away from the center itself, which is extremely convenient. Another benefit of staying at Dolphin Suites is the opportunity to socialize with other people with special needs and their families.

Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center

For Families
Many of CDTC?s patients are children. Their parents, brothers and sisters are usually the most important people in their lives and the ones who provide a great deal of the care. This is why they are closely involved in our therapy program. There are evaluations, counseling sessions and workshops. There are valuable opportunities for parents to connect. There is a fun and educational CDTClub for siblings.

Experiencing CDTC?s program as a family makes it easier to put the positive results into practice after you have returned home. It leads to greater understanding, strengthens the bond and often provides a lot of shared enjoyment.

Quick facts
? Located in the Southern Caribbean, 50 km north of Venezuela
? Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
? 444 km2/171.4 sq mi
? Population 140.000
? Languages: Dutch, Papiamento, English, Spanish
? Currency: Antillean Guilder (pegged to the US dollar)
? Average temperature: 28ºC

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