Lonely Planet. Accessible Travel Resources

Lonely Planet. Accessible Travel Resources

For all those wanting to start the travel planning process or learn about accessible tourism destinations and experiences from around the world Lonely Planet's Martin Heng has published the Lonely Planet's Accessible Travel Guide (online Edition). Martin brings a unique blend of being a person with a disability, a staff member at Lonely Planet and a person undertaking postgraduate study. Martin began the process of compiling the online resources while working on his Masters Degree at RMIT Melbourne, Australia.

Hearing or vision-impaired? A wheelchair user or slow walker? Fibromyalgia, MS or spinal-cord injury? None of these should stop you from experiencing the joy and benefits of travel. At Lonely Planet they believe that travel is for all, no matter what their abilities or limitations. They also know that the first barrier to travel for many people who have access issues or a disability is a lack of information, combined with a fear of the unknown. With this collection of online resources Martin hopes to go some way towards filling the information gap and alleviating unfounded fears, either by providing information directly or by introducing you to countless people who haven?t let their disability get in the way of their love of travel.

When you?re travelling with a disability or access issues, it?s important to know that your needs can be met in the destination you are travelling to. This means planning your trip well: unlike for most able-bodied people, it?s much more difficult to act spontaneously and hope for the best. Unfortunately, most people with access issues ? through disability, age or injury ? have difficulty finding any information, let alone reliable information.

This is the world?s largest list of online resources for accessible travel. Country-by-country resources from national and local government and tourism bodies, as well as disabled people?s organisations. A wealth of experience of travelling with a disability from almost 50 personal travel blogs. Dozens of specialised accessible travel agents and tour operators from 40 countries around the world. Top travel tips for travelling with access issues. Advice from experienced travellers with a disability. Leads and links to disability-specific advice and support. Websites dedicated to the theory and promotion of accessible travel. The guide will be updated biannually.

This database of online resources doesn?t pretend to fill that information gap. However, it?s a good start and should help not only with initial planning, but also with finding suitable venues and facilities once you?ve reached your destination.

This database is by no means exhaustive, so here?s where you come in: if you know of a useful website in your country or locality, you can contact travelforall@lonelyplanet.com.au.

Likewise, if you run a business that caters specifically for people who have special needs, you can be added to this list.

As websites go down and web addresses change frequently, this guide intends to revisit and republish this resource every six months to make sure all links remain live and to add new ones. All headings in the document are hyperlinked: click on them to be directed to the relevant website.

The list is broken down into different sections:

- Country-by-country resources, arranged alphabetically. Among these are websites from governments, local authorities, NGOs and private businesses. Some, marked with, are searchable databases of venues and facilities; others, marked with, are also associated with a mobile app. Both of these categories will be particularly useful when in-destination.
- Personal travel blogs. There is a wealth of information to be found in these personal blogs, written by those who enjoy travel despite a wide variety of limitations.
- General resources is broken down into two subsections: useful websites for non-destination-specific planning purposes; and websites dedicated to promoting inclusive tourism. The latter will be of great interest to those who are working in the field, but also contain valuable information, links and resources for travellers with access requirements.
- Specialist travel agents and tour operators, listed alphabetically by country. Most of these cater for a variety of access requirements; some are inbound and some are outbound travel agents/tour operators.
- Specialist adventure sports organisations. This is the least comprehensive section ? Martin would love to add you if you can send him your collective wisdom.

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Download Lonely Planet's Accessible Travel Guide (First Edition) in PDF format (2.8 MB).
Please click here to download Lonely Planet's Accessible Travel Guide (First Edition) in PDF format