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MadrEAT 5th edition. Accessible Food!


Once again this event of high quality gastronomy returns to our streets! Celebrate the 5th edition of MadrEAT this Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th march.

This Friday 13th March sees a new edition of MadrEAT, the gastronomic street food market of the captital. During three days, 13th, 14th and 15th March, the gardens of the AZCA complex will once again be filled with 50 different stalls offering high quality food, converting AZCA into a gastronomic point of reference both nationally and internationally.

In this fifth editin of MadrEAT, we are greeted by the arrival of another Michelin-starred chef, Óscar Velasco (Chef of Restaurante Santceloni, with 2 Michelin stars) who offers a menu of tapas and small plates from Restaurante La Cesta, with classical dishes and products inlcuding chicken wings with guacamole, loin of smoked sardine, rib sandwcihes and Castilian soup.

Another new arrival to the market is that of Alejandro Montes: spokesperson, pastry chef and owner of Mamá Framboise, who will form part of the Advisory Board. He will bring his fine patisserie to the market including his iconic raspberry tartlets (pure or filled with chocolate), a wide selection of macarons, nut cookies and gingerbread, along with his cheesecake, carrot cake or the chocolate eclair, accopmanied by a selectino of natural juices, tea and coffee.

We are also joined for the first time by an Argentinian representation of wood-fired pizzas from Picsa, an authentic Argentinian space, directed by Estanis Carenzo.

There will be more than 50 different gastronomic offerings with not only national but also international food with flavours from the whole world.

Sweet Deals like Decakepop run by two lovely and great entrepeneurs: Esther and Silvia. They sell the most delicious cakepops and cakes in the city. They also run La Felipa Street Food a company specialize in food truck rentals for companies who wish to offer street food in events.

Amongst the new additions to this month´s market, one must also mention Lera, who will bring cuisine centred around shooting, with offerings of a deer sandwich with a mustard emulsion and mountain herbs or their partridge muffin flavoured with vanilla.

Barrier-free access at MadrEAT in the gardens of AZCA Complex for wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

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¡¡We look forward to sharing these new offerings with you at the fifth edition of MadrEAT!!

AZCA square, entrance through Castellana 89
METRO: Santiago Bernabéu and Nuevos Ministerios
The Moda Shopping Centre offers 3 hours free parking for all visitors to the market during Saturday and Sunday.
Welcome foodies of the world. This is MadrEAT.