Must-visit food Markets in Madrid.

Must-visit food Markets in Madrid.

The traditional market is still very much a part of the Spanish way of life. There are many small markets distributed about the city, so you should never find yourself too far from one. For those interested in food culture, or the more traditional Spanish way of life, a visit to any of these markets is a must. They provide a huge array of excellent quality vegetables, fruit, meat, fish etc.

In the 19th Century, Madrid?s Government, worried about the risks for the citizens who bought food on the streets, started to build several markets that would help organize the sellers and would also improve the quality of the products. The first three big markets built in Madrid were Mercado de la Plaza de la Cebada , Mercado de los Mostenses and Mercado de la Paz , which is the only one that hasn?t been demolished yet.

The main markets worth to visit in Madrid are:

Mercado de San Miguel
Sitting next to Plaza Mayor in the tourist center of the city, Mercado de San Miguel represents the huge role that tourism plays in Madrid. This emblematic building is actually a traditional market (the only iron structured market surviving to the present day) which has today been reinvented as a totally modern venue supplying a range of premium food products. Strolling through Mercado San Miguel you?ll hear a myriad of languages, see people from around the world and feast on food from every corner of Spanish cuisine. The San Miguel market has a stylish decoration and contains 33 stalls featuring a whole host of delicacies and carefully selected raw ingredients. It aims to reflect the multifaceted nature of Spanish gastronomy.Thanks to its long opening hours, it make an ideal place for leisure both during the day and by night, as it also has wine bars and bars serving delicious tapas. Other venues include a gastronomic library, a florist's shop and a design shop.

Mercado de los Mostenses El Mercado de los Mostenses offers a bit of everything, you can find oriental products, chinese and japanese food and also goods from South America at reasonable prices. A popular space summarizing multiculturalism in a big city like Madrid and one of the best markets in the city.

Mercado de San Antón
Steps from Plaza de Chueca in Madrid?s colorful Chueca neighborhood sits the Mercado San Anton. The Mercado itself is on the second floor of a five-story food heaven where you can stop in for tapas from each region of Spain, shop for organic olive oil or gourmet hamburger meat or enjoy a cerveza overlooking the city on the rooftop terrace. Mercado San Anton is the Whole Foods of Madrid food markets, with its sleek modern design and array of fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared meals.

Mercado de Antón Martín El Mercado de Antón Martín A traditional open market in use since 1941, Mercado de Antón Martín has over 60 different stalls, each offering quality products at very competitive prices, and even special offers and last minute discounts. You know you?re getting close to Mercado Anton Martin when the typical bars and cozy cafes of the Lavapies neighborhood are swapped for the florescent lights of butcher shops. Racks of lamb and giant cuts of beef shoulder mark the path to the market, lining the street between Anton Martin?s metro stop and market. El Mercado de Antón Martín has several greengrocers, fishmongers, butchers, delis, casquerías, takeaways, bars, herbal and organic produce, cutlery, clothing and footwear, and even flamenco fashion. Inside, the two-story market is packed with organic food stalls, wine bars and Iberian ham and cheese shops. There is an area dedicated to cooking demonstrations and small art exhibits and a shop that sells only craft beers. Also, don?t miss the prestigious dance school Amor de Dios. The more indie vibe of this market is a direct reflection of the neighborhood it is in. The area borders Madrid?s immigrant barrio and has a distinctly bohemian personality.

Mercado de Maravillas El Mercado de Maravillas , situated in the Cuatro Caminos district,being the largest municipal marketplace in all of Europe. Roughly the size of a football field, the Mercado Maravillas is, as its name suggests, an wonderland for foodies and curiosity-seekers to get lost in. There is literally everything: fruit vendors, fish mongers, butchers, cobblers, bakers, seamstresses, sausage-makers, haberdashers, etc. More than 200 stalls selling probably the freshest seafood in all Madrid, and a motley assortment of odds-and-ends vendors selling things like whole suckling pigs, bull testicles, beef snouts, sea urchins, whole atlantic tuna, ras al-hanout, and an mind-boggling variety of cured meats and cheeses. Here you can buy the rarest of Spanish delicacies, from live snails and crabs to cow tongues and lamb skulls. You can also find products from around the globe, like chilies from Mexico, fresh pasta from Italy or rice from South Korea.

Mercado de la Paz
Tucked into Madrid?s Salamanca barrio, one of the wealthiest and most posh areas of the city, El Mercado de la Paz is a glamorous mix of raw food stands, tapas and wine bars and specialty food shops. The Art Nouveau-style market was constructed in 1879 is an ideal place to pop in for a lively afternoon tapa or shop for a jar of expertly preserved Spanish anchovies, albino asparagus or foie gras pate. The market has around 60 kiosks. You?ll still come across almost every goody your market-loving heart could desire: vegetable sellers, butchers, fish stands, an herbal shop, a cobbler, dry cleaner, hair salon, bakeries, a couple cheese Meccas, gourmet products, and even a few tapas bars for good measure. Basically it?s heaven crammed into a small Spanish city block. Despite its ritzy location most vendors have been there for decades and you?ll feel right at home as you shop for Spain?s best offerings.

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