New York Fashion Week. First-ever model in wheelchair.

New York Fashion Week. First-ever model in wheelchair.

Picture this: it?s New York Fashion Week, always surrounded by a ton of excitement and frenzied press, celebrities swarming in their droves to see and be seen at this highly prestigious fashion event. All eyes are on the catwalk as the first ever runway model in a wheelchair at New York Fashion Week strutted her stuff.

Danielle Sheypuk hired a publicist right after winning the title of Ms. Wheelchair New York so that she could really push forward with changing the negative image that society has, and raise disabled people up from a marginalized status. Danielle wanted to make it ?cool? to date someone in a wheelchair. Through the media, she continually strives to debunk the negative stereotypes that people with disabilities are not sexy, not beautiful, and not glamorous. Then, a very thrilling moment occurred that would help to catapult this aim into the spotlight. Fashion designer Carrie Hammer asked her to be a model in her runway show. Danielle decided to use ?role? models instead of the traditional runway models, and was featuring entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business executives.

Being in hair and makeup on the day of the show, Danielle felt like every other model there and she thought; "this is how it should be." After the audience was seated and the DJ was playing, she turned her wheelchair onto that runway and new that this would be the moment when she could change the world for the better for people with disabilities.

Until now, people with physical disabilities were never recognised by the fashion industry as consumers or as models. Danielle has flipped through fashion magazines since she was a teenager, and not once have she ever since someone in a wheelchair. The subtle, or maybe not so subtle message here, is that they do not belong in this sexy, fashionable world and that is simply just not true. On that day on the catwalk, Danielle carried everyone with her with a physical disability that finally deserves to be recognized as glamorous and sexy. That moment went viral, hopefully changing people?s minds.

Dr Danielle Sheypuk (Ph.D.) is available for therapy sessions, seminars, keynote speeches and other speaking opportunities.

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