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Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid


Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid

Accessible Madrid offers a comprehensive The Mobile Battery-Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid. This is an alternative solution to a lift that can be used when there is little or no other alternative access.

Some buildings in Madrid old city centre have either no elevator or the elevator is too small for a wheelchair. Stairways often represent a great barrier to people with reduced mobility.

Sometimes, we can find some steps at the entrance of the building and no lift are provided. In those cases a Mobile Battery-Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid is very useful, as these devices are not attached to the staircase.

A mobile battery-powered stairclimber solves this problem effortlessly and elegantly. This portable stair lifts makes you mobile everywhere and at all times.

Accessible Madrid offers both Mobile Stairclimber rental options: A Stairclimber with tracks for wheelchairs and Wheelchair Stairclimbers with wheels for those with limited mobility. Both devices help individuals with reduced mobility and wheelchair users go up and down staircases, and overcome architectural barriers.

LG2004 Stairclimber with tracks

The LG2004 Portable Stairclimber rental service for wheelchair users, is a mobile accessibility solution, which helps to get on and off stairs in any space, at any time, without the need for works, installations or modifications to the staircase.

The LG2004 Stairwayclimber with ramps is used for tilting multi-purpose wheelchairs and electronic wheelchairs. The LG2004 Stairclimber model can transport an adult in a wheelchair with a total weight of up to 130kg, offering great safety and stability both to the user and to the driver. The wheelchair user will always require another person to assist going up or down the stairs.

It is very important to note that in order to use the LG2004 Stairclimber with tracks, in stair sections with a landing and turning at 90 or 180 degrees, the maneuver must be performed on a landing of a size of at least 130cm X 130cm, so that the device can rotate and is able to face the next stretch with their back.

Thanks to its special design and adjustable hooks the device is compatible with most wheelchairs in the market.

The Stairway climber can be easily disassembled and allows for easy transportation and storage, both inside a closet and in the trunk of a car. No installation is required.

LG2004 Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid

LG2020 Stairclimber with wheels

The LG2020 Stairclimber with wheels rental service consists of an electric device that incorporates an integrated seat that helps people with reduced mobility or disability to climb stairs with the help of a single companion.

The LG2020 Stairclimber with wheels allows wheelchair users with reduced mobility to go up or down all types of stairs: straight, irregular or even spiral.

The LG2020 Stairclimber has excellent range (up to 2,400 steps with a full battery charge), which makes the chair stand ready for use at any time.

The LG2020 Stairclimber with wheels is a solution that meets all needs for domestic mobility. It is extremely lightweight and, in addition to its compact size, it is very easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces. It is strong and durable with an autonomy that is unrivalled by any other. The new and exclusive upward movement makes the LG2020 the best and fastest solution.

Our stairclimber with wheels LG2020 model is uniquely able to manage both directly seated passengers and those unable to transfer from their wheelchair

The Stairclimber with wheels is very easy to transport, requires no installation, and is easily dismantled in 2 parts. It fits comfortably into the trunk of any car, and can be used anywhere and at any time.

Our highest priority is always to ensure the safety of the user.

LG2004 Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid

Our mobile battery-powered stairclimbers are made for ease of transportation and portability. You can fold up or disassemble the stairclimber easily to fit in virtually all cars. Folding means little space is taken up in the home.

We provide our customers with a convenient home Delivery & Pickup service for our Powered Stairclimber Rental Service in Madrid. Our clients can also pickup the rental equipment at our physical store located in Calle Alcalde Sainz de Baranda 16 (27 Bikes store) in Madrid.