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Electric Mobility Scooter Buying Guide


A mobility scooter can help create new possibilities for individuals with physical disabilities that restrict their movement. This device features motor-powered wheels and a comfortable seat on a sleek chassis, providing an easy and stylish way to move around from one place to another. Mobility scooters incorporate a range of features so that they can accommodate different needs.

Madrid City Tour. An accessible tourist bus.


Get to know Madrid by boarding a double-decker bus and admire the city's cultural and architectural magnificence. Explore the city at your own pace and make the most of your visit. You will be given a map of the city and discount checks for different shops and restaurants in the city.

Adolfo Palacio Cibéles. Eating Madrid from the sky.


The ultimate place to see and be seen in Madrid: Restaurant Adolfo at the CityHall Plaza de Cibeles. Spectacular views of the city from the penthouse of Madrid City Hall. Located on the sixth floor, the rooftop restaurant offers a stunning view of the Cibeles fountain, the Metropolis building, the Gran Vía and the Paseo de la Castellana

Las Rozas Village. Best Outlet Shopping in Madrid


Las Rozas Village, one of the Collection of nine Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages, is home to more than 100 boutiques of Spanish and international luxury fashion and lifestyle brands, offering savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price, all year round.Individual luxury boutiques, alongside restaurants and cafés offering fine cuisine and coffees all day long, cluster around open-air promenades, providing the perfect setting for the day-out shopping experience. A suite of services, including a style consultancy, are available on request.

El Corral del la Morería, pure flamenco show in Madrid


This is one of the most prestigious flamenco stages in Madrid, with 50 years? experience as a leading flamenco venue and top performers most nights. The stage area has a rustic feel, and tables are pushed up close. Performances have a great price-quality ratio.

TerrainHopper, a true Off-Road Mobility Scooter


The TerrainHopper is an exciting electrically powered off road wheelchair and scooter with distinctive looks and extreme off-road capabilities. Designed to tackle deep mud, dry sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces and with ground clearance of 250mm some people have called it a "mini Land Rover".

Wheelchair Bikes, what an idea!


Have you ever heard of Wheelchair Bikes? Well, this a unique and a fun way of cycling when the passenger mobility is limited and a cyclist pedals on his bike to move both as a tandem. This kind of bikes give you the ability to go out for a bike ride and if you have the split frame bike version, you can unhitch and securely lock the back end. This will allow you to go for a walk into the city for shopping or a coffee.

Three in One: Exe Hotel, the Moncloa Market and the Poniente Terrace


Exe Hotel, its twin brother, The Mercado de Moncloa, and The Poniente Terrace opened in Madrid back in 2013. The Mercado de Moncloa is a gastronomic entertainment area connected to the ground floor. We find different gourmet spots, each with their own specialties: ham , fresh seafood, garden products, enoteca, wok, sushi, snacks , etc ... The above eight floors are dedicated to 161 bright and modern hotel rooms. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday will find live concerts.