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TerrainHopper, a true Off-Road Mobility Scooter


The TerrainHopper is an exciting electrically powered off road wheelchair and scooter with distinctive looks and extreme off-road capabilities. Designed to tackle deep mud, dry sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces and with ground clearance of 250mm some people have called it a “mini Land Rover”.

TerrainHopper is essentially a bespoke piece of equipment. The unique patented suspension system gives a comfortable ride over the most undulating surfaces. The TerrainHoppers is an excellent option for adventure and outdoor activities for the less abled, who were previously excluded due to difficult terrain.

The TerrainHopper itself is an extreme off-road mobility vehicle analogous to a mobility scooter. Several different models are available in rear-wheel and front-wheel configurations, both as Class 3 versions and slower Class 2 variants for younger users, as well as a two-wheel design in the form of the Overlander Wheelchair.

The Overlander 4 is the full blown go-anywhere Wheelchair and a dream come true for those who wish to go to previously inaccessible places; thanks to the unique patented independent suspension system, you are not thrown all over the place!

A truly off road electrically powered wheelchair that can climb over fallen trees gracefully! If you come across muddy fields or rocks, streams, on your adventure, don’t despair, TerrainHopper can handle any terrain and steep inclines.

Some off road wheelchairs or scooters find it hard going over dry sand. This is no problem for Overlander 4. The electronics and motors (excluding the joystick) are completely waterproofed, so you can hose them down to clean your buggy.

This is one tough 4 x 4 wheelchair. The side roll bar lifts up for easy access; (or can be removed if not required). It not only looks good but gives protection.

If you have passion for the outdoors the Terrain Hopper mobility scooter will allow you to achieve things that are now out of your reach.” The Terrain Hopper mobility scooter will open up your world, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor environment like never before.

TerrainHoppers are designed and manufactured in the UK and are CE approved. There exists a Overlander4C, which is a child’s version of Overlander 4 and is therefore a Class 2 product.




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