Ecovisco Sanitary Mattress

Ecovisco Sanitary Mattress

The Ecovisto sanitary mattress is made of viscoelastic material with anti-decubitus properties. It has all the advantages of visco-elastic foam, offering a better pressure distribution with greater comfort. Provides effective prevention against pressure ulcers (bedsores). Includes cover.

The Ecovisco Sanitary mattress is made of memory foam, a material that adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, distributes its weight and relieves pressure. The memory foam provides a high anti-decubitus effect, so it is perfect for the elderly, disabled or with a disease that spends a lot of time in bed.

With medium adaptability and firmness, the Ecovisco is a very breathable mattress that prevents skin maceration and promotes healthy skin. It is available in various widths and lengths.

Two bases ensure maximum comfort

-The upper base is a viscoelastic plate 3 cm thick and 60 kg density / m3, which is manufactured in an ecological way.

-The lower base: it is an Orthopedic Eliocel core of 12 cm and 28 kg of density / m3.

The finishes are specially cared for: so the user knows that he is going to acquire a quality product. Includes fully removable cover with hidden zip.

The cover protects the general condition of the mattress. It has a smooth fabric and is fully washable.


Mattress height: 16 cm.

Upper base: Viscoelastic plate of 3 cm and 60 kg density / m³.

The memory foam provides a high anti-decubitus effect, it is manufactured ecologically without

CFC, complies with the Oko-tex Standard 100 Class 1 certificate, regarding substances

harmful substances and the German HYG-LEN certificate on the toxicity of medical products

following the DIN standard in Iso 10993-5 / SOP 09-001.

Lower base: Eliocel core of 12 cm and 28 kg density / m³.

Cuts at the base for perfect adaptability to articulated beds.

Product completion:

Double removable full cover with hidden zipper number 5.

Inner cover: Mesh fabric for greater breathability and core protection.

Outer cover: Washable and fully replaceable striped cuti fabric.


148,00€ (21% VAT included)

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Dimensions: Width: 80, 90, 105.

Dimensions: Length: 190, 200.

Height: 16 cm.

Upper base: 3 cm Viscoelastic plate. and 60 kg density / m3.

Lower base: 12 cm Eliocel orthopedic core and 28 kg density / m3.

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

21% VAT and transport included

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