PS-251 Evacuation chair

PS-251 Evacuation chair

Discover the new concept of the PS-251 Evacuation Chair. An electric chair from Promeba, a versatile system adaptable to all your needs. The PS-251 Evacuation Chair is a chair designed mainly to be used in emergency situations, but it can also be used as a transfer chair and for going down stairs.

The new PS-251 evacuation chair, with the possibility of being electric by coupling it with the PA-260 track, allows comfortable and safe transportation in any situation. Furthermore, thanks to its compact measurements, the set is easily transportable by a single person.

The PS-251 Evacuation Chair has an advanced system that allows you to fold or unfold the chair in just 2 seconds. This differential point improves its use.

It has an aluminum chassis, resistant and light, weighing only 13kg. In addition, the structure is foldable thanks to the new quick closing system that allows the chair to be stored or transported.

The 4 wheels allow you to move quickly in case of emergency, the rear ones measure 200x45mm while the front ones measure 120x32mm and are rotatable.

The footrest is included and folds easily.

The handles are telescopic and can be completely removed, and the armrests are foldable to facilitate lateral movements in and out of the chair. The upper rails are used to push the chair and adjust to the passenger.

The PS-251 chair supports a maximum weight of 250kg and is adapted for the comfort of the most robust patients.

With this product it is possible to purchase the tracks system as an optional accessory, both manual and electric for descending and/or ascending stairs.


Construction in tubular aluminum of great resistance and low weight.

Unique folding system on the market.

4 wheels, two front swivel wheels and two large diameter rear wheels with brakes, for total driving comfort.

Lockable rear handles.

Foldable armrests.

Telescopic handles with the possibility of total extraction.

Integrated folding footrest.

Seat and backrest in ABS for a higher degree of hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Adjustable leg and torso belts with safety closure.

Top rail for optimal push and grip while walking.

Measurements adapted for the comfort of larger patients


Compact track system designed exclusively for descending stairs.

It has non-slip traction straps and telescopic system.

It works manually with the presence of an operator.


Compact and independent track system designed for both going up and down stairs.

It has non-slip traction straps and telescopic system. It has central controls and a side LED system.

It supports a maximum load capacity of 160kg and the presence of an operator is essential for its operation.

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REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Code: PS-251

Total Width: 52cm

Total Length: 70 Cm

Weight: 13 Kg

Maximum User Weight (Kg): 180

Rear Wheels: 200x45mm

Front Wheels: 120x32mm

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 3 years

10% VAT and transport included

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