Household Aids

At Accessible Madrid we offer a set of mobility aids for people with disabilities. These aids will allow people with limited mobility to carry out daily tasks. We offer a broad selection of wheelchairs for bath and shower.

What are lifestyle mobility aids or technical aids?

Lifestyle mobility aids or technical aids are products used to compensate for some type of disability. The use of technical aids will allow people with limited moblity or people with disabilities to carry out daily activities.

One of the most important technical aids, since it is at a maximum risk point at home, are shower chais with wheels. These technical and mobility aids will greatly facilitate the lives of people with reduced mobility as well as of their caregivers and people living with them.

In our online store you can find technical aids and all kinds of shower chairs with wheels. You can also ask us any questions at our physical store for the purchase of technical aids and products for people with reduced mobility in Madrid. Contact us to make an appointment either by email: or by phone: +34 915701682. We will be delighted to assist you.