Shower Chairs with Wheels

The shower chairs with wheels for bathtubs and showers provide a quick, economical and comfortable solution for users with mobility problems and who do not have a bathroom adapted to their needs. The shower chairs with wheels are easy to locate in existing spaces without the need to carry out additional works for their placement.

What are shower chairs with wheels?

The shower chairs with wheels are orthopedic products indicated for people with mobility issues who need help with their hygiene and personal shower. These chairs are used to mobilize the user even to the bathtub or shower, since they move in narrow spaces. These chairs provide much more support when grooming, especially in the area of ​​the back and seat and provide comfort and total mobility, especially to users who need a pressure relief mattress.

What is the shower chair used for?

The shower chair is used for people with reduced mobility who need their daily cleaning, either independently or dependently, with the help of another person. Accessible Madrid's catalog of shower seats and chairs is included in our category of Household Aids and they have been selected by our experts in shower accessories.

Features of shower seats and chairs

Shower seats and chairs have a number of common characteristics that are intended to provide a comfortable, safe and accessible bath time.

Shower seats come with integrated drains and grab handles to improve hygiene and safety. The extendable legs allow you to adjust the height of the seat and come with rubber terminals to prevent it from slipping. Made of aluminum and plastic, they are completely stainless and very light.

These characteristics are:

Resistant materials. Orthopedic shower chairs

Our shower chairs are made from high-resistance materials, metals and hard plastics, offering all the security that people with reduced mobility require in their bathroom.

Shower chair safety

Shower chairs reduce the risk of falls and accidents in the bathroom in the case of elderly people or people with disabilities, since they are people who lack the strength to stand.

Shower seat comfort

The selection of products is also intended to offer maximum comfort to our customers. Folding shower chairs, seats with armrests for greater comfort and safety, folding wall seats to maximize space ...

Hygiene when using shower seats and chairs

The technical assistance items at home that we offer and especially those that we have selected in this section, allow greater hygiene and asepsis in the daily life of people with reduced mobility.

We invite you to discover the most suitable shower chairs for bathtubs and showers at the Accessible Madrid online store. The technical aids are practical, simple to use and quite inexpensive. We are here to help you, contact us on our phone +34 915 701 682 or visit our store to buy shower chairs with wheels and other mobility products in Madrid. We offer you the highest quality products at a very competitive price.