Mini Crosser X1-CAB

Mini Crosser X1-CAB

The Mini Crosser X1-CAB is an all-terrain mobility scooter made in Scandinavia, specifically for Nordic conditions. It is the best-selling electric scooter in Northern Europe.

With the Mini Crosser X1-CAB mobility scooter you are always warm and dry throughout the year. It protects you against the weather elements. As an option you will get the cabin with a heater, so even in winter time you can get outside. Standard the cabin is equipped with electric wiper- and washer. The windows in the side doors can be opened for fresh air, and the doors are lockable.

The cabin is particularly well suited for people with impaired lung and respiratory function disabilities. The Mini Crosser X1-CAB mobility scooter is characterized by good space, and a low noise level.

The view out of the cabin is good due to the large windows, but can also be equipped with a rear facing camera (accessory) for a better view when driving backwards. In summertime the doors can be taken off and stored. The large front and back windows, is scratch resistant safety glass.

The Mini Crosser X series is the strongest and most comfortable electric scooter on the market by miles. Its strong motor and unique suspension are packaged in an unusually elegant design. Mini Crosser X1-CAB represents Danish workmanship and quality at its best. Mini Crossers come with lots of nice touches and unique customization options.

Our very wide range of seats and accessories can meet every requirement - for example, seats are available in widths of 35, 40, 45 and 50 cm. This brochure shows the most popular equipment. If there is something you cannot see here, please get in touch - we are bound to find the solution. The Mini Crosser M-model is built for people up to 175 kg as standard.

The Mini Crosser 4-wheeler is classified as a class C vehicle in accordance with the European classification of electric scooters. Complies with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ECC. The Mini Crosser is made in accordance with the harmonized standard EN 12184 - Electrically powered wheelchairs, Mini Crossers and their chargers.

The product is risk analyzed in accordance with the harmonized standard DS/EN ISO 14971:2007-04-10 2. Edition - Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices.


Transport height without seat - 69 cm

Length - 140 cm

With anti-tip wheels - 148 cm

Width, without seat and other accessories - 68 cm

Turning circle / radius 345 cm / 172,5 cm

Weight without seat and batteries 124 kg

Speed - 10 -13 and 15 km/h

Seats from 35 to 50 cm

X1-CAB Model 4-wheeler

Springs - a unique, adjustable rear suspension.

Wheels - optional as puncture proof.

Seat tube - seat height adjustable without tools.

Tail lights and turn signals (light emitting diodes - LEDs)

ERGO2 seat offer greater freedom - better quality of life

Seat Angle

The backrest angle can be adjusted 45° backwards and 90° forwards. This is done by pulling the handle on the right side of the seat. By flipping the backrest down, remove the headrest and lowering the tiller the height of the Mini Crosser is 75 cm. Otherwise, turn the seat; then move the seat forward, remove the headrest and lower the tiller then the height is 72 cm. Subject to the seat tube system and wheel size

Seat Depth

Backrest adjustable in depth from 320 mm to 550 mm. Seat depth adjustment is important when it will provide the support to the thigh and back.

Handle for seat swivel

To turn the seat, the handle is pulled back or forward, depending on which side it is mounted. The seat can then be turned to either side, with stopping every 45°. The lever is spring loaded and the seat locks automatically when the lever is released. This lever is located, by default on the right, but can also be placed at the left side.

When the handle is in the left side, you have to push forward on it, to turn the seat, instead of pull back. The handle can also be adjusted in length so it is easier to operate, it can also easily be moved to the other side.

Lever for seat forward / back

ERGO2 seat system uses two sliding rails with roller; this make the adjustment very easy. The seat moved forward or back as desired, within a travel of 200 mm. By releasing the handle, the seat automatically locks at the nearest stop. The seat post system for the ERGO2 also provides firm and secure seating position.

Height adjustment of the armrests

The armrests can be individually adjusted in height. Up to 140 mm from lowest point to highest position. This helps to ensure the correct alignment. The armrest can be angled individually so with height adjustment gives this a comfortable support.

The Mini Crosser X1-CAB has 1 standard color: Metallic Orange



Basket / bag – front and rear

Cane / crutch holder


Gas control option

Footplate and leg support


Lap belt

Electrical options


Individual choices…

The reason

We do not believe that »one size fits all«. When making a Mini Crosser it has to be Strong, Stable and Secure. However, our aim and goal is still to make it simple and easy to use for all persons involved.

This means

All Mini Crossers are being built individually towards the end-user.

The conclusion

Over the years Mini Crosser has acquired all the knowledge and expertise to secure users the maximum pleasure and benefit from their Mini Crosser. When standard solutions - as supplemented by our wide range of accessories - are not enough, a special adaption can be developed in close consultation with technical aid centers, institutions among others.

Since 1980 Mini Crosser has been producing electric scooters and wheelchairs for the elderly and the disabled.Mini Crosser’s vision is to offer solutions for the walking impaired, enabling them to keep up an active, socially grounded life as far as possible without the help of other people.

Particularly the Mini Crosser is noted for its smart designs, maneuverability and powerful motors. The powerful motors have made Mini Crosser extremely popular in countries with steep slopes and hills. Even ice and snow cannot stop these all-terrain vehicles, while Mini Crosser is also available with studded tires.

Over the years, Mini Crosser has acquired all the knowledge and expertise to secure users the maximum pleasure and benefit from their electric scooter or wheelchair.

When standard solutions - as supplemented by our wide range of accessories - are not enough, a special adaptation is possible and is made in close consultation with technical aid centers, institutions and the disabled organizations. The current Mini Crosser range includes some 20 models and a wide selection of accessories - including other life enhancing aids for the disabled.

The features that set the Mini Crosser apart are functionality, strength, comfort, durability, safety and overall economy. With the Mini Crossers adaptability and huge range of accessories, it is suitable for all types of user - Adults as well for children. In our experience, adaptability and flexibility are important factors for lots of users, especially those with arthritis, muscular atrophy, MS, back pain and others.

Over time, one’s needs often changes, for example a different accelerator control, a larger seat, extra support, electric add-ons and other accessories. With the Mini Crosser, you have a safe and secure future.

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REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Transport height: 161.5 cm

Overall Length: 161cm

Overall width: 76cm

total weight incl. batteries, without seat: 217 kg

total weight incl. batteries and seat: 243 kg

max. speed: 15km/h

Turning radius: 165cm

max. user weight standard: 175 kg

max. driving distance with 51 Ah batteries Up to 20 km

max. driving distance with 85 Ah batteries Up to 45 km

Standard Color Metallic Orange

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the batteries

21% VAT and transportation included

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Reduced VAT rate (4%) will be applied to customer provided 33% disability certificate (or higher degree)


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