The LG2020 Stair Climber with wheels is a portable device with wheels, which allows wheelchair users or persons with reduced mobility to ascend or descend all types of stairs with the help of only one single companion (maximum height 23 cm).

The LG2020 Stair Climber with wheels is a solution that meets all needs for domestic mobility. It is extremely lightweight and, in addition to its compact size, it is very easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces. It is strong and durable with an autonomy that is unrivalled by any other. The new and exclusive upward movement makes the LG2020 the best and fastest solution.

The LG2020 Stair Climber is very easy to transport, requires no installation and is easily dismantled by removing only the 2 side knobs from the rear. It incorporates an innovative system of rotational arms for a gentle lift and descent, and practically without demanding any effort from the companion.

The highest priority of this product is always to guarantee the safety of the user. That is why the LG2020 has front wheels with a brake and a safety mechanism that locks the brakes of the large rear wheels at the edge of the step. Furthermore it comes with a seatbelt series and lights to better visualize the steps.

The chair is very easy to handle on flat surfaces as it incorporates a release system that is operated by pressing the 2 pedals to the rear.

LG2020 also allows to make numerous adjustments to ensure a safe and comfortable transportation for both the user and the passenger at all times: height adjustment of the handles and headrest, and a platform extensible footrest.

The LG2020 Stair Climber has excellent range (up to 2,400 steps with a full battery charge), which makes the chair stand ready for use at any time.

 Total width: 53 cm (45 cm without armrests).

 Total length: 82 cm minimum, 90 cm maximum.

 Base length: 66 cm.

 Handlebar height: 130 to 160 cm.

 Seat: 32 x 39 cm (width x depth).

 Seat height to floor: 52 cm.

 Seat-armrest distance: 18 cm.

 Backrest: 32 x 46 cm (width x height).

 Power: 350 W.

 Rechargeable battery: 2 x 12 V. 9.0 A / h.

 Weight: Total 44 kg, handlebar and backrest: 10 kg, drive body: 24 kg, seat: 10 kg.

 Maximum load weight carried: 130 kg.

 Maximum autonomy: 2,400 steps * (40 steps with battery in reserve).

 Speed: 36 steps / minute max.

 Minimum step width: 58 cm.

 Maximum step height: 23 cm.

 Minimum landing dimensions: 100 x 75 cm (L-shaped), 100 x 120 cm (U-shaped).

 Depth minimum step: 18 cm.

* The autonomy varies according to whether the stair lift is making an ascent or descent, depending on the weight of the user, and also depending on the conditions of the environment. Autonomy of 2,400 steps: 1,200 in ascension and 1,200 in descent with user of 80 kg.

This is your portable stair climber if your staircase has:

- Has a minimum maneuvering space on an L-shaped landing: <98x98 Cm.

- Has a minimum maneuvering space on a U-shaped landing: <98x170 Cm.

If you have an irregular or spiral staircase

If the user does not use a wheelchair