Vela Samba 500 stool

Vela Samba 500 stool

Vela Samba 500 stool is a stool for clinic staff, who move around patients and who need to change their seat height or posture.


• A compact stool that makes it easy for staff to sit close to the patient and also to their colleagues.

• Very easy to handle thanks to the small frame and low friction wheels.

• Height adjustment can be done by hand and optionally by foot.

• Different types of backrest available.

• All active stools and chairs can be supplied with height control operated by hands or feet.

• The chairs can be individually adapted, thanks to the adjustments of the backrest, wheels and brakes.

• Easy control thanks to the light structure and the smooth movement of the wheels.


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- Seat measurements: 34 cm. diameter.

- Seat height: 38-48 cm. 42-57 cm. 44-64 cm. 50-70 cm. 60-86 cm.

- Backrest measures:

SAMBA 510: 29 x 10 cm.

SAMBA 520: 38 x 22 xm.

- Frame diameter: 52 cm.

- Maximum load: 125 Kg.

- Chair weight:

SAMBA 500: 8 Kg.

SAMBA 510: 10 Kg.

SAMBA 520: 10 Kg.

SAMBA 530: 10 Kg.

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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