LG2004 Stair Climber with Tracks

LG2004 Stair Climber with Tracks

LG2004 Stair Climber with Tracks has been improved by eight years of development. The patented operation system embedded in this particular device allows it to effortlessly turn itself in tight spaces. Energy is conserved due in part to the longer battery life. In addition to all these aforementioned features, the weight management system increases product dependability.

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Total weight: 84 Kg

Weight of the base equipment: 46 Kg

Weight of the handle bar with controls: 38 Kg

Maximum trasportable weight: 150 Kg

Max dimension: 144 x 83 x 99 cm

Motor power: 300 W

Minimum stairs dimension: 93 cm

Minimum dimension of L shaped landing: 120x130

Minimum dimension of U shaped landing: 120x240

Maximum angle: 70% = 35°

Maximum speed: 15

Battery: 12 V 27 A/h

Battery operating range (floors): 27 (for a 80 kg person)

Operating range with reserve battery indicator on: 4 floors

Packaging dimension: 116x70x50 cm

Pallets total weight: 101 kg

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the battery

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