YACK N961 Stair Climber

Yack N961 Stair Climber

The Yack N961 Climber allows you to go up and down straight and spiral staircases. It adapts to the needs of the patient, from the seat mode, to the wheelchair mode. Yack N961 Climber includes a seat, it is the ideal stairs ladder in a first stage. Comfortable, thanks to its folding armrests and adjustable footrests and headrests.

Characteristics of the Yack N961 Climber

+ Removable in different sections to facilitate its transfer.

+ With removable battery that allows recharging without moving all the equipment.

+ New digital control panel that allows the caregiver to enter various parameters (speed, way of climbing the stairs individually / continuous cycle ...) guaranteeing safe and simple use of the stairs.

Practical, easy to use and new technology

New electronics, multifunction panel display, self-diagnostic controls, emergency button and safety belt. Yack N961 Climber is equipped with a padded armchair with folding armrests and adjustable headrests. Your footrest is foldable. It has a maximum capacity of 130 kg.

It is equipped with a padded seat with folding armrests, reclining footrest platform and height adjustable headrest. The small dimensions greatly improve its maneuverability in very small spaces. The possibility of being disassembled in several parts facilitates the transportation of the same.


-Folding handle that allows to be stored in tight spaces with the rudder.

-Timón regulable to obtain the optimal position of driving the medium by the ladder. The rudder of the YACK ends with an ergonomic handlebar that facilitates its control.

-Random end brakes. A safe mechanical system allows the YACK to automatically brake when it detects the end of the rung.

-Ergonomic steering wheel with screw for anchoring the rudder.

-Adjustable armrest.

-Platforms to support the wheelchair.

-Platform supports folding feet.

-The projecting wheels with brake allow the movement of the medium on flat surfaces.

Discover more details about the Yack N961 Climber in the following VIDEO

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Weight: 43 Kg.

Total weight with full load: 173 Kg.

Weight Timon: 7.1 kg.

Weight of the base: 23 kg.

Weight of the batteries: 4.5 kg

Seat weight with footrests: 5.1 kg

Back weight: 3.3 kg

Maximum load allowed: 130 Kg.

Maximum height of the step: 21 cm.

Minimum width of the step: 80 cm

Minimum maneuvering space: 70 x 70 cm

Maximum speed: 12 steps / min

Autonomy: 500 steps

Reserve autonomy: 20 steps

Depth: 63 cm.

Width: 51 cm.

Motor power: 220 W - 24V (2500 rpm)

Temperature of use and storage: -10º C + 50º C

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the battery

10% VAT and transportation included

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