Menorca Commode chair

Menorca Commode chair

Menorca Commode chair in brown or blue padded seat, black high-resistance plastic backrest mounted on oval structure of 30x15 mm and 1.5 mm thick.

Menorca Commode chair is painted in black epoxy with armrests on the frame. Menorca Commode chair is made in plastic material that is easy to clean and removable from behind. Due to its design, the materials used and its versatility, it brings together 3 different applications in the same product:

+ Toilet room chair,

+ Chair to use the WC with privacy

+ Comfort and shower chair

Technical specifications

- total width 54cm.

- total depth 45cm.

- total height 82cm.

- seat-ground height 48cm.

- Useful hole under the seat 45cm.

The wheel kit allows your Menorca chair to travel to the bathroom and offers the height necessary to save the toilet. In this way it offers comfort and privacy.

A shower commode chair makes a bathroom an accessible, safe, comfortable place once again! Commode chairs allow users to get to the bathroom easily, and makes navigating the small spaces between the toilet, sink, and tub less of an obstacle.

A commode chair serves as both a toileting and showering aid, and can be used either as an independent toilet or an assistive device that fits over a pre-existing standard toilet. Virtually all have wheels, and can be used to transport patients the short distance from bedroom to bathroom. For caregivers, a shower commode chair avoids the hazards of attempting a patient transfer in the bathroom. A fall in the bathroom, with its many hard surfaces, is startlingly common (and could cause serious injury!). Transferring to a commode chair in the bedroom is a much safer option.

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Total width: 54cm.

Total depth: 45cm.

Total height: 82cm.

Seat-ground height: 48cm.

Useful hole under the seat: 45cm.

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