WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model C2

With its impressive power, smart technology and exceptional handling, WHILL Model C2 lets you live the life you've always wanted.

WHILL personal electric vehicles have a category of their own. WHILL products focus on innovative design and the latest technology and allow you to express your security, your style and your independence. Whether you're driving around town or maneuvering indoors, WHILL electric vehicles will give you the freedom to do the things you love.

Main Features

Check Total Mileage, distance traveled, battery level and much more with the WHILL app

Controller can be placed on both left and right side

It is easily disassembled in 4 simple steps to be able to transport it in your car

The turning radius of only 75 cm allows the user to move in very confined spaces and tight elevators

Its powerful motor and omni-directional wheels can overcome obstacles up to 5 cm high.

Climb slopes of up to 10º

Technical Specifications

Driving range (full battery charge): Approximately 18 km

Maximum speed: 8 km/h

Max incline: 10th

Overcoming obstacles: 5 cm

Turning radius: 75 cm

Seat sizes available: 16″ / 18″ / 20″

Vehicle width: 554 mm

Vehicle length:985 mm

Fully Assembled Vehicle Weight: 52.6 kg

Suspension: Independent on all 4 wheels

Loading time: 5 hours

Enabled application: Yes, with remote control

Approved for air travel: Yes

Interchangeable arm covers: 8 colors

Weight capacity: 136 kg

Battery: Lithium ion (25.3 V 10.6 Ah)

Weather resistant: IPX4

Great advantages in a compact structure


WHILL Model C2 is easy to operate and allows you to make sharp turns to get you where you need to go.


Impressive power that lets you see and do more. Live the life you aspire to with the WHILL Model C2


It is disassembled in four simple steps. WHILL Model C2 can be disassembled for convenient transport in the trunk of any car. Whether you're shopping on the weekend or traveling with your family, the Model C2 lets you live life to the fullest.

Variety of colors. Drive in style.

Choose from 8 different arm color options and customize the Model C2 to match your personal style.

We have thought of everything.

We've included all the features you're looking for, like remote lockout and the ability to adjust the maximum speed for added security.


WHILL Model C2 can be easily adjusted from seat height and backrest angle to controller position (left or right driving) to create a comfortable driving experience.


Purchase accessories for added convenience and customization

Where to buy Whill Model C2?

You can find your Whill Model C2 at Accessible Madrid. Official dealer in Spain.

At Accessible Madrid we offer you a wide range of folding electric wheelchairs, each one designed for different needs but all prepared for people with reduced mobility or who have some type of disability but who want to live and enjoy life.