Accessible Madrid. Mobility Scooter Rentals

Accessible Madrid. Mobility Scooter Rentals

Accessible Madrid is a leading site in Spain for Quality and Service for all type of mobility scooter rentals. We offer short term, medium term and long term scooter rentals.

At Accessible Madrid our aim is to provide an easy and convenient way for travelers and locals with limited mobity or disabilities, to get around in a safe, comfortable and easy way. Our mission is to help people to enjoy their vacation or business trip without having to worry about their mobility needs.

STOP worrying about how your going to bring your Mobility Scooter with you to Spain- that is just too much work for a vacation! No need to worry about your own breaking down, getting damaged or even lost in transit. When you rent an electric scooter in Madrid from Accessible Madrid , you can enjoy the freedom to take your scooter to all of Madrid's attractions, museums, restaurants, shopping malls, tours, public transpor, etc.

Many of our clients come from overseas and rent their mobility scooter with us not only to travel around Spain, but to travel across the European continent. Pickup & Delivery is always made in Madrid.

We specialized in all type of Electric Mobility Scooters for your convenience to get around Madrid, Spain and Europe. Our scooters are Safe, Reliable, Comfortable and Professionally maintained - all at very competitive prices. The prices you see is what you pay when you book with us you choose your scooter and that is the scooter you are going to get. We also offer a very convenient delivery & Pickup service to your hotel or home.

To help your holiday run smoothly, you will want a scooter that?s suited to your build and weight for comfort and a model that is compatible with your holiday plans. For instance, if you?re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing you will want a scooter that?s reliable and can go the distance.

Accessible Madrid offers at least 5 solutions for scooter rentals:


Ultralightweight Foldable Scooters
If you?re not planning on straying far from your accommodation or holiday resort then these scooters are ideal as they are designed for short distances with a typical range of 10 miles on a full battery. These models are available in 4 wheel version. And, if you plan to hire a car on holiday, they normally fit in the boot with ease. Apex Transformer
The Transformer is the only fully electric 4 wheel folding scooter in the market. There is nothing else like it. This easy to use, ultra portable electric scooter offers the ultimate in convenience. Offering Remote Control operation and manual if required. The Transformer has a 300lb weight capacity and comes standard with a lightweight Lithium battery (13.5 Miles on a single charge).
Watch this interesting video on how to operate an Apex Transformer.

Portable & Easy to Disassemble Scooters
These four-wheeled scooters tend to be the most popular. Perfect for longer distances, running approx 20 miles on a full battery and carrying up to 21 stone in weight. These models often break down into 5 pieces without the need for tools and can be transported in a medium sized car if need be. Invacare Colibri 18Ah
The Invacare® Colibri ?, is one of the most compact scooters in the market. It can be easily dissambled into 5 elements, in a few seconds and effortlessly. The micro scooter Colibri will provide comfort, autonomy and performance. It is ideal for everyday activities such as shopping or move around the city. It is very easy to carry and fits perfectly in the trunk of the car. The small dimensions of the Colibri will provide great maneuverability, even in the smallest spaces. Its ergonomic handle, adjustable steering column its angled and padded seat ensure the user a relaxing and comfortable ride. We offer the the Invacare® Colibri ? version with 18Ah batteries and wheels 210x65 mm. See more features on the Invacare Colibri in the following Video .

Medium/Big Size Mobility Scooters
Ideal for those who want extra room, comfort and power. These models tend to have all the bells and whistles with rear view mirrors and indicators. They go that little bit further with up to 25 miles on a full battery and carry between 25 ? 30 stone in weight. Apex i-Confort
The Apex i-Confort is a very comfortable and versatile scooter thanks to its 9" wheels and its rear suspension. It disassembles into 4 parts and it is very easy to transport and store. It incorporates a front LED light.
The Apex i-Confort has been designed especially for those who prefer the maneuverability of a compact scooter but without sacrificing the highest performance. Its 250W motor and 22Ah batteries give it a speed (8 km/h). Its rear suspension and tall wheels endow him with great stability and ground clearance so that no obstacle stands in their way.

Invacare Leo
The Invacare Leo, can be defined by three words: safe, sturdy and stable. Safety is a key feature of the Leo, without sacrificing sporty and stylish aesthetics. Leo gives the user freedom and confidence to enjoy your outdoor walks and leisure time. The Invacare Leo scooter users value long travel range (up to 36 Km.) and power on steep slopes. The Invacare Leo offers a smooth and safe ride and is very easy to handle and control. The kit includes indicators Leo lights automatically and rear brake lights off for driving safely in the dark. Furthermore, although a bulb is burnt out, the remaining light continues to operate. The scooter type handlebar Delta is ergonomic and steering column can be adjusted in a simple manner to each user. The scooter Invacare Leo has an innovative 360 ° swivel seat and adjustable in depth, with white stitching, ensuring optimal comfort and positioning. It is a very compact scooter is dismantled into 5 parts. See more features on the Invacare Leo in the following Video .

Three Wheel Mobility Scooters Pride GoGo 3W 17Ah
This type of scooter is perfect for tight spaces thanks to its reduced turning radius. It's very comfortable and easy to store.
The GO-GO 3 wheel Scooter is the perfect companion for users who need an agile mobility in tight spaces. The GoGo 3 Wheel Scooter is perfect for spaces and very small and narrow access and to enter very narrow, shallow lifts thanks to 93cm in total length. This version incluedes 17Ah batteries. Travel Range up to 23 kms. It is detachable into 5 parts for easy transport, being the heaviest part 16kg. All controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use and the luxury seat adds to the feeling of comfort.

Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid - Accessible Madrid

If you have some mobility issues, Accessible Madrid we have a wide range of Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid, conveniently available at our store in Madrid. Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid can be hired daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. Customers can arrange worry-free rentals through a 24/7 via a full-featured Internet website or directly at our store in Madrid, located in calle Alcalde Sainz de Baranda 16 (28009 Madrid).

Your comfort and convenience is always our priority. You can pre-book a wide range of Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid including Mobility Scooter, Manual Wheelchair (folding, bariatric, children), Electric Wheelchair and Wheelchair+Power Pack, Rollator, Shower Commode Chair, Knee Walker, Ramps, Crutches, Portable Electric Hoist Powered Mobile Stair Climber. We offer a convenient home/hotel delivery and pick-up service in Madrid city center.nd!

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