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Results of "Limited Mobility"

Moving Life ATTO Sport


Moving Life Atto Sport is the sport of folding electric mobility scooters on the market. Its design has been inspired by racing!

Moving Life Atto


It is hard to believe how a mobility scooter can turn into an encapsulated trolley, the size you would take with you on an airplane. The Atto is a scooter that not only folds but one which magically transform into a trolley. The designers and engineers had to practically invent the wheel in order to make this dream come true. Please click here to watch an amazing video about the ATTO foldable scooter.

Bastardo Hostel


Bastardo Hostel in Madrid has the perfect choice for any of the options you might have in mind.

Luxury Travel Guide Award Winner 2017


We are extremely pleased and honored to announce you that Accessible Madrid has been successful in winning the award for Accessible Tour Operator of the Year ? Spain 2017 in the Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards sponsored by The luxury Travel Guide. Accessible Madrid has been awarded as Accessible Tour Operator of the Year ? Spain.

Wheelchair Rentals in Madrid


The reasons for needing to use a wheelchair are many. It could be due to a temporary disability or medical condition or some other handicap or more permanent disability. Whatever the reason, it will certainly involve loss of mobility to a larger or lesser degree.At Accessible Madrid we are a leading mobility specialist provider aiming to help and delight our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations.

Top 10 things to do in Segovia


Segovia is an easy side trip from Madrid that you can do under your own steam. Segovia is just 30 minutes by high-speed train from Madrid, Segovia is located within the Iberian Peninsula, close to the Guadarrama Mountains. A small city by many standards, it has only 55,000 inhabitants but, such a beautiful place like Segovia also sees several hundred thousand visitors every year.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid


Madrid reserves an area for those who opt for vegetarian cuisine. We can find different vegetarian restaurants in the city centre that will tantalise you with their preparation of Spanish grown garden vegetables, among the tastiest in the world, prepared following traditional recipes or in more modern creations, offering an original fusion of flavours and textures.