Batec, revolutionary wheelchair accessories!

Batec, revolutionary wheelchair accessories!

Today we will speak about a Spanish company called Batec. Batec has managed to combine technology and utility with design and XXX. The result is a sensational accessory called " Batec". These Batecs which are electric or conventional fit wheelchairs allowing versatility for everyday almost unimaginable. Electric models are extremely useful for sightseeing during those long days visiting a city or a escape into the countryside .

Batec started this business venture in 2005, although its history comes from long ago, it all started when Pau Bach, creator of the company with a spinal cord injury, bought his first handbike in Germany. From there he began to improve this type of building prototypes handmade products for personal use. Finally his brother Lluis, engineer, joined the project to develop the first line handbikes of Spanish manufacture. Batec has currently a motivated staff formed by more than 50 % of people with disabilities .

The front couplers have clear advantages for handbike type chairs. In essence, it is a kind of accessory for a wheelchair that becomes a kind of tricycle, having different both manual and electric versions. These accessories are extremely useful either for training or leisure times, where wheelchairs become real vehicles.

People with disabilities or reduced mobility also have an alternative for leisure and tourism in Madrid using mobility scooters. Renting a mobility scooter in Madrid allows people with disabilities have a great deal of autonomy and independence. Accessible Madrid offers guided tours on mobility scooters in Madrid and also rentals. For any questions related to mobility scooters you can find us at

Now that we have presented these two great ways to enjoy your leisure time in Madrid, you just have to you choose the one that fits your profile. The most important thing is that you enjoy the day as ever. See you soon!