Car2go. Car sharing in Madrid

Car2go. Car sharing in Madrid

Clever entrepreneurs know there?s a difference between being mobile and owning cars. That?s why they expand their business fleets with car2go. 350 car2gos are available in Madrid: ready to take you to your appointment in the home area or to a business meeting outside Madrid. You simply go from A to B and leave your car2go there. Whenever and wherever you want. There are no rental stations, but lots of benefits for your budget and your environment. Are you ready to give your business a new impulse? Interested in a company solution? Please send an email to: and they will be answering you as soon as possible.

car2go is good for you: The car2gos are all around. So you don?t need your own car and save a lot of overheads. Renting car2gos is simple: you just book one here on the website or using an app , open it with your smart phone and you?re off. You drive from A to B, make all the stopovers you want, park the car2go and you?re done. You have freedom of movement without fixed rental stations. Could there be a better way to budget your transport costs?

car2go gets Madrid going

car2go is simple and ingenious: Simple because car2go is always there where you need it; ingenious because you only pay for car2go when you use it ? to the exact minute. Whether you are in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna or Rome, car2go is simply always there wherever you go ? in all European cities.

The Car2Go business model is similar in all markets, although rates vary by location. The company charges a per minute rate, with discounted fixed rates for hourly and daily usage also available and applied automatically. The rates are all-inclusive and cover rental, gas, insurance, parking (in authorized areas), and maintenance. A low fixed annual fee is sometimes also charged. In most markets, car2go vehicles can park in either specially designated parking spots, or in standard parking areas, with a special permit from the local municipality.


Car2Go offers exclusively two-passenger vehicles. Their fleet operates two types of Smart Fortwo "car2go edition" vehicles: electric-powered. These models are currently available in several markets, have a range of 84 miles (135 km), and need to be recharged every two or three days.

From A to B with car2go

Your car is everywhere. A car2go is always a pleasure to drive: book it, drive it, park it. Simple and straightforward. You can always find a vehicle in your area. You open it with the member card you get when you sign up or the car2go app. You go from A to B, park your car2go again and that's that. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.


Quite simply: Register here. and look forward to access to almost 6.000 car2go in 16 European cities.

App and away

You can open your car2go using the car2go App. You can find more information in FAQs.

Easy-to-understand rates.

Working out the clever way to drive. car2go is always putting you in a good mood and the same goes for our billing model. Our calculations are fair and always in your favour. By the minute, by the hour or by the day. For starters, you only pay when you use it. Enjoy the company's welcome price for Madrid: drive your car2go for only 0,19? a minute. No monthly fees or rental subscription packages. In addition, their Best Price System ensures that they always calculate to your advantage. It works out great!


Always available, just round the corner. Straight off the streets. Wherever you are, there?s a car2go. You can rent any of the car2gos you find distributed around the spot or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way you can save yourself the wait and get to your destination faster. Once you are there you can just leave the vehicle, or go back to it if you want to drive further. There?s never been such a flexible way to get around!

Intelligent mobility for all. Re-discover the city. You won?t get stuck in the city with a car2go. They?re so compact that they easily keep on going. You?ll quickly find a parking place. And the next car2go is just around the corner. Car2go vehicles? availability makes your life easier. And our car2go electric drive vehicles are also highly energy-efficient: good for the environment.

Setting success in motion

The story of car2go is like the whole concept: sensational. Four years after it started in the German city of Ulm, in 2008, car2go is alive and well in 30 European and North American cities. Over 1,000,000 customers enjoy unlimited mobility with car2go around every corner. It?s a unique story of movement and freedom that makes mobile life in the city more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Take off with the car2go app

Immediately start driving. car2go starts here and now: with your online application. Only two more steps need to be done before your first car2go ride:

1. Download car2go app

The car2go app is the key to your car2go. Just download the latest car2go app (Download for iOS , Android or Windows Phone ), validate yourself and then you can find and open vehicles by app and start driving.

2. Validate

After registration come to one of car2go validation points to let them check your driver?s license and ID. Pass by one of our validation points and show your personal QR code, your ID card* and your driver?s license**. You will get your personal QR code during online-registration. Furthermore you can get your QR code on ?myAccount". You can either bring a printed version of your QR code to the validation point or just show it on your smartphone.

* Your identity card/passport (only together with the proof of residence) to verify your identity.

** The following driver?s licenses will be accepted:

- EU/ERW and Switzerland.

- Not EU/ERW/Switzerland International driver?s license: only valid in connection with national license, or certified translation of the national driver?s license. The international driver?s license will be accepted only for 6 months after the entry in the country. The entry can be checked through the date of the plane ticket, the visa on the passport or the date on the proof of residence.

Begin of rental

The easy way to get going. Always start in pole position.

It all starts with opening the car2go: Use your car2go app or hold your member card in front of the card reader on the windshield: this will open the car. The key is to the right of the touch screen. At the same time, a red light will light up on the card reader: this signals the start of your rental. Have you checked for outside damage and inside cleanness? Just enter the PIN and off you go.


Stop as often as you like. Stopover and over and over.

Spontaneous or planned, you can make as many stopovers as you want. Important: close and reopen the car2go with the remote control of the ignition key. This keeps your vehicle reserved for you. You can park the car2go wherever you like.

End of Rental

Saying goodbye is easy. See you around!

You can use your car2go for as long as you like ? but in the end you have to leave it inside the home area. In Madrid, we cover the fees for parking and stopovers on public parking in blue and green areas.To finish the rental period and settle up you just end the rental in your car2go app or wait for the automatical countdown.

Please make sure that the doors and windows are closed, the lights are turned off and that the car key is on its correct position. The rental process is finished once the car locks the doors and the display sign on the front window shows "End rental". In case something goes wrong, you will be informed via short text message a few minutes after.


Everything on one bill. car2go for you. And your friends

You?re driving to a party, but your wife is driving back? You can invite your partner, relatives or friends to be co-drivers. Your co-driver can decide before each drive whether it goes on your bill, or theirs.

Please note that the co-driver needs to be registered at car2go.


The Car

Intelligent mobility for all. Re-discover the city.

You won?t get stuck in the city with a car2go. They?re so compact that they easily keep on going. You?ll quickly find a parking place. And the next car2go is just around the corner. Our vehicles? availability makes your life easier. And our car2go electric drive vehicles are also highly energy-efficient: good for the environment.


Easy to unlock. Open sesame.

Looks like magic, but it isn?t: opening car2gos directly in the app. Just push the button "start rental" in the car details. You can also open it with your member card. You simply place the member card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen and all doors open. Now your rental period begins. You?ll receive the car2go member card when you sign up.


Spick and span? Arrive with a clear conscience.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dirt isn?t: if your car2go is dirty, driving pleasure is already tarnished. How?s your car2go looking? Please rate the cleanness after you enter your PIN on the touch screen ? thank you! One more request: keep your car2go as clean as possible, so that the next driver can also enjoy it.

Touch Screen

Everything under control.Touch and go.

The two pedals in the car2go will put the city at your feet. But you can also take matters into your own hands: use the touch screen to enter your PIN at the start, and to control the sat navigation and radio. If necessary, you can also use it to contact our service team. The touch screen keeps everything under control so you can concentrate fully on the traffic and getting to your destination.


Off to a flying start. Ready, steady, go!

You?ve entered your PIN? You?ve rated the car for cleanness? Then reach for the ignition key, in the centre console. Stick the ignition key into the lock, turn it clockwise and the engine will start. Now step on the brake pedal and move the gearshift lever to "D" of "R". And off you go.


Automatic gear comfort.Fast changes.

The car2go?s automatic gear mode is the easy way to drive: it optimises the driving behaviour and doesn?t distract you. The car2go electric drive vehicles only have automatic transmission.

Lugagge Compartment

Open for luggage. All is revealed!

Here?s how you open the boot: press the button in the recess on the tailgate. This opens up the rear window. Pull the window up and release the locks on the right and left side of the tailgate. It?s now ready for loading. To close the boot, reverse these steps. Make sure you hear the levers lock into place.


The big finish. All?s well that ends well.

At the end of your trip you can leave your car2go on any parking space inside the home area. Please check that there aren?t any legal restrictions. To turn off the engine, adjust your shift lever to "N", pull the hand brake and release the brake pedal. Turning the ignition key to "0" stops the engine and activates the immobiliser system. Please also read our information on end of rental.

Accessible Madrid

If you are visiting Madrid and you have any disability or you are simply a slow walker, we will be happy to arrange your Accessible Holidays in Spain. We offer a wide selection of 1-Day Private Accessible Tours in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Sevilla, Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Valencia, El Escorial, Aranjuez and Chinchón.

Accessible Madrid offers a broad selection of Customized Accessible Vacation Packages for people with reduced mobility, disabled or simply slow walking travellers.

Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid - Accessible Madrid

If you are planning to visit Madrid and you have some mobility issues, Accessible Madrid we have a wide range of Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid, conveniently available at our store in Madrid. Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid can be hired daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. Customers can arrange worry-free rentals through a 24/7 via a full-featured Internet website or directly at our store in Madrid, located in Calle Cavanilles 7, 28007 Madrid.

Your comfort and convenience is always our priority. You can pre-book a wide range of Mobility Equipment Rentals in Madrid including Mobility Scooter, Manual Wheelchair (folding, bariatric, children), Electric Wheelchair and Wheelchair+Power Pack, Rollator, Shower Commode Chair, Knee Walker, Ramps, Crutches, Portable Electric Hoist Powered Mobile Stair Climber. We offer a convenient home/hotel delivery and pick-up service in Madrid city center.

Getting in touch with car2go

Three ways to get excellent service:

Service at car2go means being there for you. When you're travelling, if you get stuck, or online. There are three ways to get in touch with car2go: call +34 911 309 473* , around the clock, seven days a week ? for questions, in case of accident or any other problems. You can also find answers in FAQ section. If you can not find the answer for yor questions you can send an email to We welcome your questions and suggestions.