Double seat mobility scooter: Twice as practical, twice as fun!

Double seat mobility scooter: Twice as practical, twice as fun!

Today we will tell you a little bit more about double seat electric mobility scooters. This type of scooters are not very common in Europe and it is difficult to see them on the streets. The fact is that they are very useful in countless situations.

This type of scooter is suitable for limited mobility and disabled persons and can for example be used by a couple to move around when they go shopping or for their leisure time in the city. These two-seater electric vehicles are extremely useful when it comes to transport people with high disability, older people with very few reflections to drive the scooter or simply to transport minors .

The double seater mobility scooter is great for tourist routes and leisure because of its comfort, range (about 50kms ) and versatility. The scooter is powered by an electric motor to provide power to its four 12V 45AH batteries. This type of double seat mobility scooter, has the same treatment as the rest of pedestrians and electric mobility scooters and is particularly suitable for use on sidewalks, parks , shops, etc. It reaches a top speed of 9 Kms/ h .

Accessible Madrid ( ) will soon have several units of this double seat mobility scooter so our customers can enjoy them. We will use these double seat mobility scooters for guided visits in Madrid for disabled and limited mobility travelers. If you are interested in purchasing any unit, please contacts us.

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