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Genny 2.0 Urban. The ultimate solution


Genny 2.0 Urban

Genny™ was born from the intuition of Paolo Badano,businessman who, due to a banal road accident, has been living for over twenty years with his wheelchair. Following the accident, over the years, Paolo looked for a way to improve his daily mobility, but without finding anything able to make him break away from the usual schemes. The four-wheelel wheelchair not only seemed constraining and often aesthetically arguable, but had a clearly obsolete technology as well.

Only in 2009 Segway pt, a self-balancing ride equipped with only two wheels conceived by Dean Kamen and produced by Segway inc., drew his attention. Being Segway a device which imposes on his user the standing position, Paolo’s idea was to make this technology available to the “seated people” (definition often used by Paolo to define motor disability). So Genny™ was born, his first ambitious project, having as primary obligation to ensure the safety of his user. For over two years Paolo has been working on this new technology, dealing with the problems that came up every day. His decision to use Segway’s technology and the experience of world-renowned designers in the field of robotic made the difference, leading the project to an undisputed success and succeeding in creating the world first two wheel self-balancing chair. Today Genny™, thanks to the official partnership with Segway inc., has become reality. Thanks to hers advanced technology Genny™ breaks forever the mould, bringing every hindrance down, whether architectural or psychological.

Genny 2.0 Urban is functional as well as beautiful to see. One of the objectives that Paolo set from the beginning of his “adventure” was to carry on, with this idea, a completely new and ambitious concept: connect the word “design” to the word “disability”. Genny™’s design wants to shift the interlocutor’s focus from the problem of the reduced mobility to the charm linked to the means used. Together with the autonomy, this new interpretation can be fundamental to the complicated path toward disability integration.

Genny 2.0 Urban utilises an adapted to the case’s needs expressly modified Segway self- balancing base, ensuring immediate spins on the same axis and to go ahead without operating any control lever, like throttle or brake. 18% Maximum incline and slope and 3 HP power.

How does the Genny 2.0 Urban work?

The two parallel wheels and many electronic sensors (such as 5 gyroscopes) allow Genny™ to move only shifting part of the bust forward to advance, backward to slow down and brake. Simple handlebars permit the means spinning without a compulsory specific use of the hands, leaving them totally free.

Great innovation, reduced dimensions

Designed even for inner spaces. The reclining seatback and the easily extractable handlebars, removable using only one hand, reduce Genny™ to a “cube” with a side of 67cm and make it extremely compact and fit for transportation. 67 cm Height, 63 cm Width and 69 cm Depth.


Nothing is left to chance. Parking: two small feet permit to stabilize your Genny 2.0 Urban in a simple and safe way. The presence detector placed under the seat makes Genny™’s functioning possible only if the driver is on board, avoiding machine accidental activations and ensuring its turning off when getting out.

Side Handle

In addition to giving support during the use and helping in transferring from another chair, side handles, when overturned, activate the emergency feet descent mechanism.


To ensure the safety in case of failure, Genny 2.0 Urban takes from the world of aeronautics the redundancy technique. This procedure provides for the doubling of the electronic or mechanical circuits in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in case of failure of one of them. X2 Batteries, X2 Electronic boards, X4 Total engines.

Control Panel

The push-button panel enables/disables the parking control and the lights (optional).
1. LED bar indicator: it signals the parking feet battery charge
2. Lights activation button
3-4. Genny™, by pushing button 3 and 4 in sequence, starts functioning stabilizing the load. The same operation is done to lower the parking feet again once stopped.

InfoKey: The InfoKey wireless controller is the mean to enable, check and communicate Genny™’s functioning. It is equipped with four buttons along the external perimeter and with a central display. The buttons allow to choose the various functions and to review all the information on the display.


A unique backrest
Ergonomics is the science of the interaction between users and technologies. Genny 2.0 Urban adopts a solution that is unique in the world in the field of ergonomics: Tarta®, a seatback conceived by the namesake firm which dedicates its work to posturology with a mix of aesthetic and well-advanced materials. GM Design Team has redrawn and realized a custom-made Tarta® for Genny™. Modular, with few simple strong parts, Tarta® seatback answers to many needs, from those aesthetic, for trending seats, to those serious problems of disabled people. Everyone can benefit from this innovative solution.

Technical details Genny 2.0 Urban:
Speed 6-12 Km/h
Electronic regulation of steering sensitivity
Load capacity 95 Kg
Weight 89.5 Kg
Autonomy at full charge 15-25 km (depending on terrain and riding style)
Height 9 cm from the ground
Adjustable and ergonomic reclining backrest
Adjustable seat in height, width and inclination
Height adjustable footrest

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