Kenguru. The wheelchair friendly car

Kenguru. The wheelchair friendly car

Imagine you can?t jump into a car quickly when it is raining, are unable to ride a bike, and most public transportation is not accessible to you. Transportation is a huge obstacle for people who use wheelchairs. It is often time-consuming, physically difficult, expensive, or just unavailable. This results in a disconnect from the community, an inability to work, and a lower quality of life?. Can you imagine having to depend on someone every time you wanted to leave your house?

The design of the Kenguru allows mobility-limited people to drive a car solely from their wheelchairs. Short neighborhood trips to places like a convenience store, park, or nearby mall are the Kenguru?s specialty. It?s over a foot shorter than the smart fortwo.

The Kenguru allows drivers to get into the car and drive without leaving the wheelchair. To enter the vehicle, the driver pushes a button and remotely opens the back (only) door. (No room for passengers.) A ramp comes down. Wheel the chair in and drive the car. Lock it when you stop. Kenguru dashboard. The current model has motorcycle bars for handling and is designed for manual wheelchair-users like people with MS, who have upper body strength. A joystick-steering model is in development for people who use electric wheelchairs.

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Vehicle Specs

Maximum speed: 28 mph

Range: about 60 miles

Slope tolerance: up to 20% gradients

Al-electric, battery-powered

Two 2-kW motors on rear axle

Charging time: 8 hours

LED lights

Frame: steel

Body: fiberglass laminate

Interior: vinyl and molded plastic

Kenguru driver entering vehicle length: about 7 feet (83.6 in)

Width: 5+ feet (63.8 in)

Height: 5 feet (60 in)

Weight with batteries: 900-1200 lb

Shell weight: 772 lb

Estimated price: 10.000 EUR

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Tel: 512-994-2634