LAREDO: a must-go fine restaurant in Madrid

LAREDO: a must-go fine restaurant in Madrid

Laredo is a tavern-restaurant-temple in the culinary panorama of Madrid where best quality tapas and fine dining is served. They have earned fame and recognition based on good service, excellent ingredients and wine selection and a touch of innovation in the kitchen.

The beginning of what today is Laredo is found in a small bar called Mitulo, there the brothers David and Michael, with his parents, were the delight of those who went there. Gradually the brothers were specialized and David took over the kitchen and Miguel over the wine cellar. Critics began to talk about the culinary mastery of the two brothers who would be completed by adding the third leg, the missing brother: Javier.

One of the hallmarks of the place is its bar, where you can taste delicious dishes and tapas of the highest quality, paired with a wide selection of wines, chosen with great devotion. From this same bar you will see a refrigerated display case in which beef cuts of Jiménez Barbero are shown and, fish scale, hake, monkfish, red mullet and an interesting collection of finely tuned cheese rest. Beside, one can find baskets of mushrooms, now in season

After some years in Doctor Esquerdo street and others in Menorca street, finally Doctor Castelo Street is hosting a faithful parish who goes in search of specialties such as rock mussels with red sauce mojo, clams to the pan with chamomile, the exquisite and awarded gazpacho with shavings of ham, rice village, porcini risotto (in season), a grilled squid with garlic salt and caramelized onion, red tuna belly grilled, dies monkfish and hake with almond aioli, grilled turbot, the suckling pig with truffled potato cream, rabbit chops, sirloin old cow, cow's tail stew or braised cheek in juice.

Spectacular is the exponent of world's finest cheeses and the wine cellar with the best international references that will take your breath away.

The entrance to Laredo is accessible and at the same level as the street pavement. At the entrance there are no architectural barriers. There is an accessible wheelchair bathroom and next to the bar there is a table specially designed for people with disabilities where they can comfortably sit. Wheelchairs and scooters are welcomed. The rest of the restaurant area is no accessible (as there are some steps) but the service is extremely diligent and will do everything possible to accommodate you if you ask.

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Doctor Castelo, 30. Madrid.
Phone: 915 73 30 61.
Closed: Sunday. Price range: Between 45 y 60 EUR.