Lakasa. The good, the great & the awesome

Lakasa. The good, the great & the awesome

Cesar Martin's Lakasa is a restaurant located in Pl. del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 1 in Madrid.

The website of the restaurant is great and one can find everything you need to fully enter the restaurant before visiting. Be prepared to visit a modern restaurant, high ceilings, dark decor ... great staging. The tables are located throughout the premises and not particularly distinguished by their size or by their distance from each other. The place is noisy as has almost always enough room.

The best of lakasa is their magnificent culinary offer The menu is extensive, often with the ability to order half portions and incredible flexibility to add new features.

Cesar has always stood out for its ability to hunt but we can find here mixed dishes that have been discovered throughout his life. Despite being a young cook, accumulated extensive experience and try pasta and mushrooms like few others. The vegetables is another of his passions and his magnificent desserts with cheese tasting included.

The service is very good and there is only a little mess in the bar and at peak times.

It is difficult to highlight one dish above other. If we had to highlight a dish maybe we could do with Mushrooms with egg yolk and Parmentier or with grilled scallops and butterfish with lard colonnata but has also charmed us bass tartare or beef burger itself.

Main dishes

The culinary offer is to heed to the daily changes in the market in order to find good, seasonal produce. And always with the intention of offering it to you at the best possible price and cooking it in the best possible way. Artichoke and squid stew, A tasty stew with the best artichoke of the season. Chickpea stew with red shrimp, cooked in the own shrimp juice. Spiced deer tartar, with mustard and tarragon. Veal?s sweetbreads with pork belly, mushrooms and gravy, served with "patatas revoloconas", a classic spanish poatoes stew with paprika. Idiazabal cheese fritter, Delicius. A classic of lakasa. Wild mushrooms croquetts, Made it with sheep´s milk.

Perhaps most recommende option might be shown as' chop and share.

Desserts, the cheese and chocolate dessert is a must-eat.

The Wine Cellar. Restaurant Lakasa

La Bodega is wide and stands out for its variety and have very reasonable prices. There are plenty of wines by the glass so it is always worth grateful for those who like to drive at all hours.Very nice both for its wide range of liqueurs and spirits as its general atmosphere. Gin and tonic prepare really well and never rushed to get up.

The Terrace

Lakasa has a very comfortable and nice terrace outside the restaurant. We suggest you book a table there late spring and during the summer.

lakasa has a great team which, without doubt, is another reason for its success.


Depends somewhat on what is ordered but the bill will be around 40-50 euros per person, a very competitive offer to enjoy this magnificent cuisine.


The restaurant and the terrace outside are wheelchair accesible.

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Address: Pl. del Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 1  28003 Madrid

Tel: +34915338715 ? +34626933081