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The rollator Vs. The standard walker


A rollator is also known as a rolling walker. The rollator has been designed using the same basic principles of the regular standard walker. The rollator addresses specific needs that are not met by the traditional walker.

The biggest complaint from people using the regular walkers is when they need a seat to sit down and when they get tired from walking and need to rest. Regular walkers do not come with a seat to rest. Regular walkers do not handle as good outdoors or on uneven pavement or gravel. Rollator walkers all come with a seat for resting except the 3 wheel version which is used when patients do not need the seat but still want the bigger wheels for easier rolling outdoors.

Rollators were made with this in mind. Rollators or Rolling walkers have wheels that are made to be used outside and on uneven surfaces and can hold higher weight capacities than most standard walkers and come with swivel wheels on the front legs so the person using it doesn’t have to lift the rollator to turn right or left like a standard walker requires. Rollators come in 4 different types. There is the 3 wheel rollators, 4 wheel rollators,heavy duty rollators and the rollator wheelchair combo.

Four wheel rollators typically include a seat, pouch and/or basket, and hand brakes, and fold down for storage or travel. With a variety of colors, weight capacities, sizes, and and other options, there is a perfect four wheel rollator for everyone.

Topro Troja 2G
The topro Troja 2G is a new generation of rollators. It stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort.

The Topro Troja 2G is the new generation of rollators. The Troja 2G offers LED lights, shopping bag, Ergo grip handles, seat and comfort soft wheels. It has has an optional backrest available to make taking a break on the rollator even more comfortable. The Troja also comes with a fall alarm designed to alert others when the rollator falls over emitting an alert tone and flashing the rollators lights.

Topro Troja 2G Features:
- Ergonomic Handles: ergonomic hand positions while in use, the new handles also provide a secure support when standing from a sitting position.
- Removable Wheels - quick release wheels, this means that the wheels can be easily and quickly removed from the frame making the rollator even smaller and lighter, perfect for storage and easily transported in the smallest car boot. There are also two types of wheels available the standard PTE wheels as currently fitted to the Troja rollator and also the soft PUR wheels as fitted to the Topro Olympos offroad rollator.
- Additional reflectives - additional reflective panels on the front, rear, and sides of the rollator.
- Redesigned Kerblifter.
- Shopping Bag and fitting Mechanism - the bag attaches to the front of the rollator, the fitting mechanism allows the bag to be quickly attached or removed and carried into the house.
- LED Headlights with Safety Alarm - The engineers at Topro have added powerful LED headlights to the frame of the Troja 2G, when activated the headlights will turn on in low light conditions allowing you to move safely when entering a dark room or out walking in the evening. The headlights also have an alarm function that will sound and flash whtn the rollator is tipped over, attracting attention and help in the event of a fall or accident.

Topro Troja 2G standard features:
- Easy to use folding mechanism - just pull the grey strap in the middle of the seat and the Troja 2G will fold itself into your hands, secure with the transport clip and the Troja 2G is ready for transport or storage.
- Exceptional centre of gravity means that the Troja 2G is just as easy to use as its predecessor the Troja Classic
- Height adjustable handles with an innovative memory function that ensures the handles are always pop up to your preferred height when the Troja 2G is folded out of its storage mode
- Specially shaped brake arm guides the rollator away from any obstacles and ensures that the wheels dont catch or jam as you walk
- Integrated kerblifter allows you to pass over any raised kerb or threshold without any loss of balance or control, and without having to lift the rollator over the raised kerb.
- Dual independent brake mechanism - one for each wheel (single handed brake mechanism available as an optional extra)
- Locking brake mechanism - the brakes can be locked into thier 'on' position providing a very secure standing or sitting platform
- Integrated front facing bag
- There are a wide range of accessories available, including Back Supports, Rear Zip Bags, Serving Trays, Single Handed Brake Mechanism, Transport Bag, and water bottle etc.
- 7 Year Guarantee

Check out this video to view Topro Troja 2G features

Topro Troja 2G Spec
Max User Weight: S - 19st (125kg) M - 23st (150kg)
Overall Weight: S - 16lbs (7.3kg) M - 17lbs (7.7kg)
Overall Width/Length: 24" (61cm) / 26" (65cm)
Support Height: S - 26-34" (67-86cm) M - 30-40" (78-100cm)
Seat Height: S - 21" (54cm) M - 24" (62cm)

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