Light&foldable power chairs. Buying Tips

Light&foldable power chairs. Buying Tips

Finding a portable motorized wheelchair can be difficult. With large motors and frames, these chairs don?t always lend themselves to convenient transport.

What makes lightweight folding power wheelchairs the future of personal mobility?
- Weighs only 50 pounds and supports passengers up to 330 pounds
- Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet
- Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles
- FDA cleared medical device
- More compact in size than traditional wheelchairs and fits virtually anywhere
- Removable seat and seat cover
- Dual wheel brushless motors that are more efficient than brushed motors
- Joystick can be mounted on left or right side arm rest
- Reasonable price
- Replacement parts are very affordable on any budget
- Requires almost no maintenance and can be easily serviced
- More stable and durable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooters

Most of these chairs are lightweight or disassemble, and some even feature foldable frames. If you find that lugging your unit from point A to B is a chore, it may be time to think about replacing it with a more portable motorized wheelchair.

Do you find yourself trapped between four walls because of mobility limitations? Do you find yourself on the outside looking in feeling excluded from the happiness that only comes from interaction with others? Do you desire to be more mobility but must rely on others to get around?

You will be able to go visit friends by car, or catch a normal taxi, travel by airplane or go on an ocean cruise. It?s confidence that whenever you need it you have a trustee and comfortable electric wheelchair. A chair that handles and folds as easily as a child stroller and is lightweight enough for you and others to fold in second and lift into any size vehicle

At Accessible Madrid we?re confident that we can provide you with a Lightweight foldable power chair that will suit your needs -- We also have an extensive wheelchair accessories section, where you?ll find plenty of customization options to help ensure that your wheelchair is a perfect fit.

Weighing less than 50lbs, these motor powered wheelchairs offer mobility in a light package. Component parts assemble quickly and allow for easy transfer in-and-out of your car's trunk. A transportable electric wheelchair offers compact size ideal for confined spaces or narrow doorways. These lightweight frames easily fold or disassemble into manageable pieces making them the lightest and easiest powerchairs to take along with you.

- Battery Driving Range: Around 15 Miles
- Net Weight with Battery: These type of lightweight foldable power chairs are lightweight enough to put in the back of any sized automobile. You do not need a hitch, trailer, ramp, or mobility van to transport this wheelchair.
- Folded (L x W x H): These type of lightweight foldable power chairs fold up into a compact size, and is easy to lift and place into any trunk, airplane, or back seat.

Who is the Lightweight foldable Wheelchairs Designed For?
- Anyone who wants to boost their physical independence
- People who want innovation from the best folding electric wheelchair on the market right now
- Physically limited people looking for the most up-to-date portable mobility device
- Anyone confined to a wheelchair who wants to remove their own limitations without the help of caregivers
- People who want to know how to travel outside the confines of their own house, apartment, or hospital bed
- Anyone looking to encourage, mastermind, and help others be more successful in reaching their mobility goals
- People trapped in their own physical prison who want to move into freedom while getting out and seeing this beautiful world

Our choice:
We have put together a selection of what we believe to be the most cartable motorized wheelchairs available.

Apex iExplorer
i Explorer2 is Apex's new ultralight electric wheelchair. Ideal for travel and to store in small spaces. It includes two lithium batteries (2 X 24V 10Ah)

- Aluminum fork front suspension
- Joystick positionable on both sides
- Protector adjustable legs
- Viscoelastic anatomical cushion
- Adjustable footrests
- Adjustable backrest angle
- Anatomical folding armrest

Discover all about the new i Explorer 2 power chair in the following VIDEO

*This product is not available at our physical store. Available in our online store only.

Libercar Mistral 10
Enjoy the lightest power chair available in the market. Its aluminum chassis and lithium batteries provide ultra-light weight (23,8kg total weight chair, batteries weight: 1.3kg / unit) and high performance (speed 6km/h, autonomy 26km). It is very easy to operate. This innovative folding system will provide easy storage and transportation.

Discover all about the Libercar Mistral 10 power chair in the following Video .

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