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Rent a bicycle or a mobility scooter in Madrid? ...¿Or both?


A bicycle (electric or not) or an electric mobility scooter can be used both for your leisure time ... and why not ? Also, to do some sightseeing in the center of Madrid. Here we list the advantages of using either option . You decide which option best fits your needs.

If you choose the bicycle...

1. If it's a non- electric bike, you do a healthy exercise
2. If it's an electric bike you do some exercise but it is not as as demanding as with a regular bicycle.
3. You prevent cardiovascular disease
4. You decrease the risk of becoming overweight or obese
5. Tt is the most economical mean of transport and it does not pollute
6. You can ride on the road and parks, but you cannot ride the bicycle on the sidewalks
7. It is the best mean of transportation for short and medium-distances in the city .
8. You can park the bicycle almost anywhere !
9. By using the bicycle, you will also be saving a lot of money and you will not expend it on tax, petrol, parking ...
10. You do not need a driving license

If you choose an electric mobility scooter...

1. This alternative is indicated for people who have an injury or can no longer walk as before.
2. You can make great distances in a much shorter time than if you were walking
3. You do not make any effort
4. It is very comfortable..as if you were sitting on your home's couch
5. It is fun
6. It's very safe because you ride only on sidewalks
7. It is very versatile because you can enter the shops, in museums, malls,.. etc. without having to park it in a parking lot
8. The scooter has travel range of 36 kms
9. You do not need a driving license
10. It is very easy to drive

Why not enjoy both options together with family or friends? Why not ride bicycles and scooters together in the Retiro Park in Madrid? Imagine a plan where parents and children ride bicycles and grandparents go beside on mobility scooters? To take a ride together with family and friends in the Retiro Park is a priceless experience. We recommend stopping at any of itsbeautiful terraces and a tasty snack. Are you convinced now? Sure you do!

You can find both leisure options here:

Calle Cavanilles 7, 28007 Madrid to rent a bike: http://www.27bikes.com / To rent a scooter : http://accessiblemadrid.com/ we are in the same store!