San Gines. Best churros in Madrid

San Gines. Best churros in Madrid

San Gines chocolatier's opened its doors over a Century ago, in a hidden alleyway between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Ópera. Today San Ginés serves up the most famous churros in Madrid, and it's a popular meeting point for clubbers heading home after a serious night out.

Surrounded by authentic decor and the classic snapshots of celebs on the walls, you'll wait anxiously for your mug of warm dipping chocolate, churros or porras (just like the tasty fried bread of churros, but even bigger around). Be sure to get a glass of water to wash all that delectable sweetness down. The waiters are constantly running up and down the stairs, inside and out, to satisfy the never-ending cravings of their clientele. The churros and porras are made by San Ginés, using the same reliable recipe since 1894. The chocolate is also made on the spot and can be mixed with any of the liqueurs they've got to hand for an added jolt.

There are four reasons to visit San Gines:

- First, you must taste a chocolate with churros. A must if you are in Madrid and specially in winter, when it is cold outside.
- Secondly, you can find this amazing thick hot chocolate to dip churros in
- Third, this place is soooooo pretty and vintage
- Fourth, you always need sugar when you travel, or when you are tired, or when you want to have relax with your friends, or just relax, or when you want to smile!

Access to San Gines is easy barrier-free for wheelchair users The toilet is not adapted and there are two small steps to get in. The staff will help you if you require assitance.

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San Gines
Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid
Tel: +34913 65 65 46
Opening hours: 365/24h