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Results of "Donde Ir En Madrid"

Arallo, Galician fusion cuisine


Arallo, Galician fusion cuisine Arallo is a an original and informal restaurant led by the chef, Iván Domínguez. This reaturant offers Galician dishes splashed with Asian and American touches. You can find the restaurant next to Gran Via in Madrid.

Picsa. 5 star Argentinian pizza


Picsa is an Argentine pizzeria in the neighbourhood of Chamberí, very close to the Azca business area, is the personal enterprise of members of the team from the renowned restaurant Sudestada. It seeks to offer the best of Italy's famous traditional recipe in different renovated versions.

A walk through El Retiro Park


The Retiro Park is a green oasis in the centre of Madrid. It has125 hectares and is home to over 15,000 trees. From the botanical point of view, the Park includes some very important gardens: the Jardín de Vivaces, the Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez (classical gardens of an Andalusian style), the Jardines del Arquitecto Herrero Palacios, the Rose Garden, and the Parterre Francés with the oldest tree in Madrid, a bald cypress that is believed to be 400 years old.

San Ildefonso Market in Madrid


San Ildefonso Food Market is novel concept of leisure, recreation and socialisation revolving around gastronomy, in the kind of street food market you can find in London, New York, Singapore or Bangkok. A meeting place for after work, an alternative to the traditional aperitif, or a strategic stop for locals and regular visitors to Malasaña and Chueca, since it is located on Calle de Fuencarral, on the edge of these two neighbourhoods.

Bullfights in Madrid. Las Ventas Bullring


A deeply-rooted Spanish traditionThe world of bullfighting is, actually, a broad universe tourists usually know little about. Bullfights and toreros, or matadors, are the visible tip, but there?s much more to it: breeders, flamboyant bullfighter?s costumes (traje de luces), jargon, fiesta, posters and, of course, food.

San Gines. Best churros in Madrid


San Gines chocolatier's opened its doors over a Century ago, in a hidden alleyway between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Ópera. Today San Ginés serves up the most famous churros in Madrid, and it's a popular meeting point for clubbers heading home after a serious night out.

Accessible Travel new section


At Accessible Madrid we are pleased to introduce to our customers the new section of our website, where we offer a wide selection of Accessible 1-Day Tours and Customized Accessible Trips, mainly for people with disabilities. In creating these trips we focused mainly on accessibility and mobility. We also emphasize authentic, personalized, flexible, original and high quality trips.

Top 10 Europe Handicapped Travel Tips.


John Sage is the founder of Sage Traveling ( This company is committed to providing customized accessible holiday travel. They deal exclusively in disabled travel to Europe and make it their job to understand all the challenges that disabled travelers may encounter and how to overcome them. Sage Traveling offers comprehensive, detailed, and organized disabled travel information on accessible European tourist attractions, hotels, and transportation.

Must-visit food Markets in Madrid.


The traditional market is still very much a part of the Spanish way of life. There are many small markets distributed about the city, so you should never find yourself too far from one. For those interested in food culture, or the more traditional Spanish way of life, a visit to any of these markets is a must. They provide a huge array of excellent quality vegetables, fruit, meat, fish etc.