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Taberna Arzabal. Formula for success


In 2009 Álvaro Castellano and Iván Morales developed Taberna Arzábal, a new style of tavern which soon became a benchmark for lovers of fine food and drink. Their formula was simple: a combination of traditional and modern featuring contemporary dishes based on classic cuisine. The menu reflects the tavern's philosophy: customers can enjoy dishes made fromthe best ingredients and a fine selection of wines without spending too much. The original premises only had room for 6 tables and they soon opened a larger tavern nearby. With a wonderful location across from the Retiro Park , Arzabal is a perfect way to conclude a long stroll around the park.

Álvaro, who spent many years at Iñaki Camba's Arce restaurant, decides which new dishes to include on the menu, always featuring traditional and innovative cuisine where quality ingredients play a key role.

However, there are dishes that maintain their popularity year after year: they include Iberian ham croquettes with sheep's milk, salmorejo (a purée made from tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar), and eggs with truffle. At the handful of tables, hungry locals share more elaborate fare: think sautéed rice with truffle and wild mushrooms, quail with sautéed onions, or a tomato-and-white tuna–belly salad. Note that it also serves half portions of many dishes.

The extensive wine list includes wines for every pocket. Large wine list with selections all along the price spectrum. There is a bar where customers can enjoy half portions of the dishes while they are waiting for a table or simply as an aperitif.

The only thing typical about this popular tapas bar are the Iberian hams hanging from the ceiling and the paper tablecloths; the quality and sophistication of the food, however, stand well out and above the crowd.

The owners of Arzábal have also created the “A” club, an entertaining initiative bringing together good food, good music and good living.

Barrier-free entrance. There are two steps to access the second dining room. The first dining room is flat and there are no steps in the way to the Toilet.

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Taberna Arzábal
Address: Calle Dr. Castelo, 2
Telephone: (+34) 91 557 26 91