Accessible Travel for people with limited mobility. Why do we do what we do

Accessible Travel for people with limited mobility. Why do we do what we do

Organizing highly customized trips for people with limited mobility and for those with a physical disability, is one of the most important jobs and one that requires the most dedication and time from our side.

Our clients, mostly foreigners, usually contact us by email or by sending us a request through our website, in the Customized Trips online section.

Demanding travelers, service to match

Every tourist or traveler, foreign or national, who is willing to organize a personalized trip, usually has a primitive idea of what he expects and needs. Specialized travel agencies, like Accessible Madrid, give shape to that initial idea. We offer tailor-made and well defined travel packages, that will fit like a glove the needs of our clients.

When it comes to Accessible Travel for people with reduced mobility and their families, preparation, attention to every little detail and Deep knowledge on accessibility (environment, accommodation, resources, transportation, etc.) become basic fundamental. The most important fact here is continuous and personalized customer service, in addition to the understanding of our client needs.

Experience in personalized adapted trips

Since our company was founded back in 2013, at Accessible Madrid we have been organizing this type special and customized trips for our clients. We receive every year docens of proposals from solo travelers, families and groups of friends, from all over the world.

As in any other division of our company, Accessible Travel, demands highly personalized and close service to our customers. This always prevails. Each travel proposal we receive, is studied with care. We always ask in advance our clients to know every little detail that will help us better understand what they need during their stay: their tastes, mobility issues, special needs, food allergies, etc…

Thus we work detail on every single proposal. We are always in contact with our clients informing of any alternative we can find for them to better suit their needs and ensure an unforgettable travel experience.

Customer happiness, our reward

Hard work, dedication, knowledge and expertise. This is what we’ve been doing for so many years. As a result, in most cases, is a unique service and an unforgettable experience for our clients. Our clients usually rewards us with infinite kindness and great details of gratitude. Over the years, many of our clients have become close friends. Our most value price!

As a sample: a hat

This is the case of one of the customized trips that we have organized recently in 2022. A family of four, who came from Pennsylvania, United States. They wanted to visit Madrid and Barcelona.

During our day-trips, relationships are forged between clients and our team. In this case, one of us was having lunch with our clients at a restaurant. He told them a story in which, when was little, he spent some time in New York, and he had a hat he loved so much from Syracuse University. Over time and over the years, he ended up losing that hat.

This lovely Family, must have taken good note of this since, two or three weeks after their departure from Spain, our colleague received a box from the US. When he opened it, the surprise was huge since, along with a loving postcard full thanks remarks and gratitude for the very special holidays the had in Spain, he found that hat from Syracuse University (very similar to the one he lost).

It's not what, it's for whom

Stories that we are living, stories that are filling our backpack and that make us think that so much dedication and so much work, are always for someone and for a high purpose. We like what we do and, above all, we like who we do it for. We can't ask for more.

We keep working.