Atto Sport Max, the folding mobility scooter for people up to 136 kg /300 lbs

Atto Sport Max, the folding mobility scooter for people up to 136 kg /300 lbs

Are you looking for a folding scooter for heavy users? Introducing the new Movinglife Atto Sport Max. The same design as its brother Atto Sport but with a reinforced chassis that allows it to be a folding scooter for people weighing up to 136 kg or 300lbs

Atto Sport Max folding scooter. Let's remove barriers!

Do not keep thinking that, because you are a big person, you need a special folding scooter, uglier, too robust or with dimensions and weights that are unaffordable for your lifestyle. Many heavy customers weighing more than 100 kg, arrive at our store resigned, asking us for something they can use to move around or travel with.

With the new Movinglife Atto Sport Max, they leave delighted because they can't believe they can get around on a folding scooter that is made for people weighing up to... 300lbs! and with an unbeatable design that matches its brother Atto Sport.

With the new Movinglife Atto Sport Max you can travel wherever you want since it is a folding scooter that can be devided into two bodies, leaving a maximum weight of 17.5 kg in its heaviest part. As with its brothers, the MovingLife Atto (see the post we wrote for the Atto here) and the Atto Sport, (see the Atto Sport post here) this new Atto Sport Max has a lithium battery that will allow you to travel by plane, train or in a cruise. Many companies, more and more, will also let you safely store it in the airplane cabin, which makes your plane trip much more convenient and comfortable and the scooter won't get damage in the hold of the aircraft. Let's see the characteristics of the new Atto Sport Max. You will be surprised:

Features of the Atto Sport Max folding scooter for users up to 300 lbs or 136 kgs

Enhanced weight capacity: up to 300 lbs. or 136 kg

Elegant and sporty design and details

Easy to fold in the cart and easy to unfold

Splits into 2 lightweight segments for easy transport and compact storage

Trolley mode makes it convenient to walk with and steer when folded

Ergonomic design with ample room for legs and arms.

Flight-approved lithium battery and charger

Extensive information, programmable LCD display

recessed headlights

Anti-Theft Wireless Lock FOB Key

Shock absorbing airless NPT tires

PU leather seat and cuffs

Taillight lifting handle

Cruise control option for long journeys

Adjustable seat with 4 different heights

Automatic speed reduction on the steepest slopes

Easily adjust the height and angle of the rudder

Lightweight aluminum chassis

Brushless DC motor improves durability and power

On/off button

6 travel speeds

3 Wheels allow a radius of 52 degrees

Built-in USB charging port

Warning sound alert (horn)

One click to go from front to back

Automatic reverse trip alert sound

Left hand compatible

Easy battery access when folded

Patented contractible rear wheels

An extra storage space under the seat...

TUV and CE certification

12 cm of ground clearance on various terrains

ERB (Electric Release Brake) for safer braking

ABS (Automatic Braking System) to brake in an emergency

Front disc brake for added safety

Freewheel (neutral mode) allows turning when battery is depleted

ECO mode: limit speed / increase autonomy

Atto Sport Max Dimensions

As its other brothers, the Atto Sport Max has three storage modes: Folded, divided in two or in trolley mode. Now let's see its dimensions:

Car mode

Height 28" / 71 cm Length 15.3" / 38.9 cm Width 16.5" / 41.9 cm


Front Half 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg Rear Half 38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg Assembled 66 lbs / 30 kg Battery 1.85 kg / 4.1 lbs

Weight capacity

Maximum user weight 300 lbs / 136 kg

Driving mode

Height 35" / 89 cm Length 47" / 120 cm Width 22" / 56 cm

Shipping Dimensions

Height 19.68" / 50 cm Length 31.49" / 31.49" / 80 cm Width 16.53" / 42 cm Weight: 81.57 lbs / 37 kg

Do you like to feel free on a folding scooter where you don't have to worry about design, space or your own weight? We are waiting for you in Madrid Accessible. We are sole distributors in Spain of the MovingLife brand. You can contact us by phone +34915701682 or by email at

Looking forward to meeting you soon!