Yakitoro, Chicote´s new Japanese tavern

Yakitoro, Chicote´s new Japanese tavern

Yakitoro is a new restaurant in Madrid inspired by traditional Japanese yakitori tavern, where everything is cooked live and coal. This way of cooking is typical of street stalls in Tokyo and Japanese small taverns. Yakitoro is adapting these skewers and carbon food to Spanish cuisine, maintaining the original which inspired touches.

Chicote has just opened his own restaurant. A casual and informal space, where the cook returns to fusion tapas. This space is beautifully decorated by Picado & De Blas and revolves around three charcoal grills that are put on the spot minibrochetas yakitori- -kushiyaki and conceived by Chicote. The layout of the room, with some tables shared is a basic part of the concept and helps to give Yakitoro a cheerful and festive spirit

Yakitoro rations are not great but they have a set price, which is usually around 3-5 ?. It's easy to eat well for less. You must try the sandwich "David Chang", inspired by the popular sandwich chef who has his restaurant in New York. Do not miss trying the skewer bluefin tuna on bread and pack choy and salmorejo. Other recommended dishes are the individual sardines, as well as the skewers of chicken wings with honey, the tasty sausage with fresh chives and half potatoes strung.

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Address: Calle de la Reina, 41, Madrid.
Telephone: +34917 37 14 41.
Open: Daily from 12.00 to 24.00.
Prices: Price per person average is about 20-25 ? and may reach 35 ? for a very long menu. Grilled sardines, 5.10. Wings with Honey, 4.50. Churros with chocolate, 3.60