Libercar Urban Plus

Libercar Urban Plus

The Libercar Urban Plus is a mobility scooter built on the platform of the Libercar Urban, and which incorporates full 4-wheel suspension and a removable battery box with the possibility of choosing between 20ah LITHIUM or 2 X 24ah GEL batteries.

Libercar Urban Plus is a portable mobility scooter model that incorporates the best features in its category: 250W motor, maximum speed of 8km/h, LED lights and indicators, large 22cm wheels, removable, transportable and the possibility of incorporating the LITHIUM technology that provides lower weight and higher performance than conventional scooters.

Power, safety, speed, autonomy, compact design and maximum comfort is what defines the Libercar Urban Plus, with this scooter no obstacle will stand in your way.


  1. Comprehensive 4-wheel damping
  2. 250w motor
  3. speed 8km/h
  4. 20h lithium battery or 12V X 24Ah Gel Batteries
  5. Autonomy 25km
  6. LED lights and indicators
  7. 22cm big wheels
  8. Removable battery box
  9. Platform height 110mm

Add a Plus to your Libercar Urban

The Libercar Urban Plus is a more equipped version of the Urban model. The main advantages of the Urban Plus compared to the Urban are:

Full suspension

The Libercar Urban Plus is equipped as standard with integral damping on all 4 wheels. Both the front and rear cushioning are double and adjustable so that the user can enjoy maximum comfort.

Removable battery box

The removable battery box allows the user to take the box with them and charge it separately from the scooter. Likewise, it makes the scooter more removable, thus facilitating its loading, transport and storage.

Lithium technology at your service

The Libercar Urban Plus Lithium has all the extras of the Urban Plus and is also equipped with state-of-the-art lithium batteries, which provides the following advantages:

High performance lithium batteries

  1. Lower weight
  2. Higher performance than conventional scooters

♣ Lower weight (battery box weighs only 4kg)

♣ Greater autonomy and greater strength on slopes

♣ Greater longevity than conventional batteries

♣ Reduced self-discharge rate

♣ No memory effect problems

High Performance

Big wheels 22cm

For greater comfort and better grip, the Libercar Urban Plus mounts pneumatic wheels as standard. (also available with solid anti-puncture wheels)

Alloy wheels

Height Platform to the Ground 110mm

The highest ground clearance on the market for a compact scooter


Greater comfort and greater ability to overcome obstacles

Compact and Manageable

Compact scooter

  1. Rigid and robust chassis
  2. Series length: 111cm
  3. Length on request: from 88cm to 110cm
  4. Width with armrests: 58cm
  5. Width without armrests: 51cm

Intelligent Brake System

Regenerative electromagnetic. The scooter brakes only when the throttle lever is released. Very safe for the elderly or those with mobility problems.

Vertical "Stand-Up" System (Optional)

It remains standing occupying 50x50cm. Special to go up in small elevators or keep at home.

Safety and Comfort


They facilitate maneuvers for people with turning difficulties.

USB Socket Mobile Charging

Energy-saving LED lights:

They help to see and be seen.

Front and Rear Bumper

They prevent chafing of the bodywork and protect the scooter and the occupant from possible impacts

Ergonomic handlebar:

They facilitate a more relaxed driving in arms and shoulders.

Comfort and Design

Full Seat:

  1. height adjustable
  2. width adjustable
  3. depth adjustable
  4. Rotate 360º
  5. folding armrests
  6. Adjustable armrest angle

Folding backrest

Black leather with visible stitching. Back seat pocket

Front Basket

Removable and with handle




1.134,38€ (21% VAT included)

REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Choose your Model:



Scooter length: 111cm

Custom length (on request): 88-110 cm

Engine: 250W

Batteries: LITHIUM 20Ah or GEL 12X 24Ah (depending on version)

Rear shock absorber: YES (double)

Front shock absorber YES (double)

Front lights: YES LED

Indicators: YES LED

Wheels diameter: 22cm

Type of tires: Pneumatic or anti-puncture (optional)

Scooter width (rear wheels): 51 cm

Scooter width (with armrests): 58 cm

Base frame weight: 30kg

Max speed: 8km/h

Seat weight: 9 kg

Maximum autonomy: 25 km

Integrated battery box weight: 14 kg Libercar Plus and 4Kg Libercar Plus Lithium

Portable battery box: YES

Total weight: 53 kg (Libercar Plus) and 43 kg (Libercar Plus Lithium)

Mirrors: YES

Maximum slope: 21%

Safety slope: 21%

360º rotating seat: YES

Recommended maximum weight: 120 kg

Height adjustable seat: YES

Floor-platform height: 110 mm

Depth adjustable seat: YES

Folding seat backrest: YES

Seat base width: 45 cm

Seat base depth: 42 cm

Armrest adjustable in width: YES

Adjustable armrest angle: YES

Storage basket: YES

Seat storage bag: YES

Anti-tip wheels: YES

Colour: metallic burgundy

Front bumper: YES

Rear bumper: YES

Seat belt: YES

Tail lights: reflective

Release lever: YES

Steering column regulator: YES

CE Certificate Sanitary product: CE 2017/745

ISO9001 and ISO13485SI standards

The indicated parameters (speed, range, slope...) are calculated under optimal test conditions.

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the batteries

21% VAT and transportation included

Free shipping for orders shipped to Peninsular Spain. Please contact us for orders shipped to the Spanish islands and to other countries.

Reduced VAT rate (4%) will be applied to customer provided 33% disability certificate 33% (or higher degree)


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