Liftkar PTR

Liftkar PTR

Liftkar PTR is an electric stairclimber to help mobilization of PRMs on stairs with straight flights

Liftkar PRT provides more freedom of movement for people with reduced mobility while reducing the impact on the back of the person in charge of operating the track.

The ultra-light Liftkar PTR stair climbing track convinces with its easy handling, 3 speeds, acoustic and visual warning of the lean angle and greater autonomy: up to 1,000 steps on a single charge. By means of two levers, the LIFTKAR PTR is easily disassembled in a few seconds into two very handy parts. On stairs, the LIFTKAR PTR stands out for its safe handling.

The LIFTKAR PTR is available in two versions with two maximum loads each.

Main Features

-Aluminum structure for easy transport, only 39kg.

-Electronic overload protection.

-Electronic tilt sensor with speed control.

-Acoustic and visual alert of the angle of inclination.

-Operating system controlled by microprocessor.

-Integrated diagnostic system.

-Great autonomy: up to 50 floors (+800 steps)

-LED scroll direction indicator.

-Switch with key.

-Emergency stop switch.

-Emergency brake release system.

-Security system so that the mast is not disassembled.

-Steps up to 24cm.

-Handling from the base or from the mast.

-Includes head and belt.

10 unbeatable advantages that will convince you

Maximum ease of use

The lightest stair climbing track on the market

Autonomy of up to 1,000 steps with a single charge

Easy disassembly and portability

Electronic tilt sensor with speed control

Audible and visual lean angle alert

LED scroll direction indicator

Electronic overload protection

Microprocessor controlled operating system

Emergency stop pushbutton

Powered stairclimber for universal wheelchairs

The LIFTKAR PTR is the compact basic version with which universal wheelchairs can be transported comfortably and safely up straight stairs. Available for the following maximum loads (wheelchair and person):

LIFTKAR PTR 130 (Art. No. 075 701): for maximum loads up to 130 kg

LIFTKAR PTR 160 (Art. No. 075 702): for maximum loads up to 160 kg

4.250,00€ (10% VAT included)

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Total weight of stair climbing caterpillar: 39 kg

Handlebar weight: 11 kg

Basic unit weight: 28 kg

Maximum load (wheelchair and person): 130 kg

3 speeds (per minute): 4.5m / 5.5m / 6.5m

Maximum angle of the ladder: 35º

Height (cm): 93 cm

Width (cm): 67.2 cm

Total length of basic unit: 98 cm

Total length including handlebar: 139 cm

Maximum user weight: 130 kg

Minimum dimensions of the landing: 97 cm x 97 cm

For wheelchairs: 31.5 cm skates are required

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on battery

10% VAT and transport included

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