Permobil F5 Corpus VS

Permobil F5 Corpus VS

The F5 Corpus® VS electric wheelchair offers Permobil electric standing function on a front wheel base to improve stability and walking comfort.

From face-to-face interactions to improving health outcomes, the F5 Corpus VS lets you stand up with confidence, while our lightweight folding knee supports offer greater comfort and flexible in-chair storage for greater independence. .

The F5 Corpus VS is available with Power Platform electronics featuring a new modern joystick display and easier wheelchair programming with QuickConfig.


A true fully independent suspension allows the Permobil F5 Corpus VS to absorb everyday terrain and obstacles with minimal translation to the user. Our updated shock absorbers are fully adjustable with an included 4mm tool, all while the user remains in the chair. The ride quality is like nothing I have ever experienced before in a power wheelchair.


With the F5 Corpus VS, there are no compromises. We combine all the features of the world-renowned Corpus seating system, along with permanent functionality. With the F5 Corpus VS, users can stand and ride at any point, and the redesigned chest bar offers greater comfort and stability. The F5 Corpus VS offers a variety of benefits from social interactions, such as being able to talk to someone face to face for positive health outcomes, such as increased pressure relief and improved circulatory, gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.

Stop and drive

Choose between Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand, or have both! The support and driving mode is also facilitated at any support angle. With features like programmable power footrest and footrest angle adjustments, while retaining 50º of tilt, the F5 Corpus VS remains uncompromised.

Comfort trip

Comfort Ride Fully independent suspension on a tuned power base provides a higher level of comfort and stability, both indoors and outdoors. Saving your energy for the important things in life.


We kept all the features of the legendary Corpus seating system, such as the open armrest design and the UniTrack system. Next, we take the Corpus seating system to the next level with advanced features such as: programmable legrest articulation, 14" seat riser, and the A/P tilt function, which provides 50º of rear tilt, as well as any degree of tilt. above, including the stand angle. The A/P tilt helps our users with transfers, greater reach, and allows them to get closer to a table or work area.


New powerful engines combined with front-wheel drive and ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) give you speed and freedom of movement. Go where you want to go.

Redefining support

The chest bar and knee blocks on the F5 Corpus VS have been completely redesigned for comfort and accessibility. With features like simplified adjustment points and quick release mechanisms, using a standing wheelchair has never been easier.

Automatic anti-tip

The F5 Corpus VS motorized anti-tip devices are attached directly to the chassis and automatically deploy during the stand sequence, providing the most stable standing platform available, regardless of the angle.

The world at your fingertips

The NEW Permobil Joystick Module (PJSM) unlocks the power of Bluetooth® wireless technology by allowing you to connect and control up to 4 compatible devices, two of which can be iDevices®. The PJSM also allows you to take advantage of your iOS SwitchControl & VoiceOver functionality. All connected devices are listed in universal Bluetooth mode and switching connected devices is possible without unpairing them. The PJSM also offers an on-screen cursor display on applicable devices, as well as a built-in Infrared [IR] Control with device command memory. Expand the functionality of the PJSM by connecting the switches to the profile/mode connector and programming them for click/navigation functions. This unprecedented amount of control is now standard on Permobil F-Series, M300 Corpus 3G and M300 Corpus HD.


Available in three widths, 7", 10" and 14", the new headrest pads feature a double-layer foam for exceptional comfort. The foam is covered with waterproof stretch fabric that is cut for a clean, custom look. The Sides of the headrest pads can be molded for lateral support, and a series of holes along the outer rear edge provide attachment points for future controls and headrest supports.

Adjustable Angle Upper Limb Support

The angle adjustable upper limb support is available in 5 sizes, corresponding to body backrest widths: 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22" wide. This tray is ideal for supporting a laptop, phone, tablet, communication device or ECU, and can be used to support writing, reading or feeding/feeding. Special considerations include requiring alternative or extended hardware for arm depressions or a large abdominal circumference.

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Maximum user weight: 135.99 kilograms

Maximum speed: 10 kilometers per hour

Driving area: 40 km

Base width: 64.77 centimeters

Minimum turning radius: 76.2 centimeters

Ground clearance: 7.62 centimeters

Drive electronics: R-net 120A

Battery Type: Gel Group 24

Seat riser: 35.56 centimeters

Seat height to floor: 45cm

Recline options: 85º-180° (electrically)

Footrest elevation: 90° - 180°

Armrest pad lengths: 10", 13", 16", 18"

Backrest heights: 470, 545-670 mm (by 25 mm)

Chassis type: front wheel drive

Weight including batteries: 195 kilograms

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years and 6 months on the batteries

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