Pressure Relief Cushions

Bedsores or pressure ulcers are skin lesions that can be more or less deep, caused by excessive and prolonged compression of the tissues that are in contact with the surface on which they rest. When you spend a lot of time sitting or lying down, there are areas that are in constant contact with the chair or bed. This can stop blood from circulating properly and lead to ulcers. To avoid these bedsores in people who spend a long time seated, we can use anti-bedsore cushions or pressure relief cushions, since they reduce the pressure of support and make the blood circulation in the skin better.

What are pressure relief cushions?

Pressure relief cushions are an essential product for a person with limited mobility. With the pressure relief cushions, a correct distribution of pressures and a correct posture of the user are sought, with this we will help prevent or cure bedsores or pressure ulcers.

What kind of pressure relief cushion should I buy?

They can be chosen either by weight, height and movement capacity or by the patient's risk of suffering from bedsores.

By weight, height and ability to move

There is a wide variety of pressure relief cushion. In order to decide which is the most suitable, the weight and height of the user and their ability to move must be taken into account.

Preventive pressure relief cushions

There are preventive pressure relief cushions used by people with limited mobility, who have not had pressure ulcers and are of normal weight.

In this section we find:

  • shearling cushions
  • low-density memory foam cushions
  • liquid flotation anti-decubitus cushions.

Anti-decubitus cushions for people without mobility

On the other hand, we have anti-decubitus cushions for people without mobility, who have pressure ulcers, obese or extremely thin people. The most recommended and appropriate anti-decubitus cushions in these cases are

  • high density memory foam cushions,
  • liquid flotation cushions
  • silicone anti-decubitus cushions
  • air anti-decubitus cushions

Depending of the risk level

Depending on the risk of suffering a higher or lower degree of bedsores, the sick person must choose between one type of cushion or another.

Pressure relief cushions for Medium Low risk

When the risk of suffering from bedsores is medium to low, the silicone pressure relief cushion or gel anti-bedsore cushion is usually used, as they serve to prevent pressure ulcers.

Pressure relief cushions for Medium High risk

They are used when there is a medium-high risk of suffering from bedsores. We can say that they are to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers. Memory foam cushion is usually used.

Pressure relief cushions for High risk

When you have a high risk of suffering from bedsores or the person already has one on their skin, pressure relief cushions are perfect, they are composed of air cells that are responsible for alternating pressure throughout the surface to relieve all areas.

Pressure relief cushions for Very High risk

For people who already have bedsores or have advanced bedsores, the alternating air bedsores cushions that work with an air pump or a mini compressor, are designed to improve patient positioning and alleviate the entire area, to treat and improve prevention bedsores.

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