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Pressure relief cushions


Pressure sores or ulcers are skin lesions that can be more or less deep, caused by excessive and prolonged compression of the tissues that are in contact with the surface on which they rest.

When spending a lot of time sitting or lying down, there are areas that are in constant contact with the chair or bed. This can cause the blood to stop circulating properly and lead to ulcers.

To avoid these bedsores in people who spend a lot of time sitting, we can use pressure relief cushions, since they reduce the pressure of support and makes the blood circulation in the skin better.

Anti-decubitus cushions or pressure relief cushions are an essential product for a person with reduced mobility. With the pressure relief cushions cushions, a correct distribution of the pressures and a correct posture of the user are sought, with this we will help to prevent or cure pressure ulcers or sores.

There is a wide variety of anti-decubitus cushions. To decide which is the most suitable, the user's weight and height and their ability to move must be taken into account.

There are preventive pressure relief cushions, which are used by people with reduced mobility, who have not had pressure ulcers and are of normal weight. In this section we find the sheepskin cushions, the low-density memory foam pressure relief cushions and the low-cost liquid flotation pressure relief cushions.

On the other hand, we have pressure relief cushions for people without mobility, who have pressure ulcers, obese or very thin people. The most recommended and suitable anti-decubitus cushions in these cases are high-density memory foam, liquid flotation cushions, silicone pressure relief cushions or aircell pressure relief cushions.

Depending on the degree of bedsores that the person suffers, you must choose between one type of cushion or another.

Medium Low: When the risk of having bedsores is medium-low, the silicone pressure relief cushions or gel pressure relief cushions is usually used, since they serve to prevent pressure ulcers.

Medium High: They are used when there is a medium-high risk of developing bedsores. We can say that they are to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcers. The viscoelastic anti-decubitus cushion is usually used

High: When there is a high risk of having bedsores or the person already has one on their skin, the pressure relief cushions is perfect, these are made up of air cells that are in charge of alternating the pressure throughout the surface to relieve all the zones.

Very high: For people who already have bedsores or have advanced ones, the alternating air pressure relief cushions that works with an air pump or a mini compressor, are designed to improve the positioning of the patient and relieve the entire area, to treat and improve bedsores prevention.

Accessible Madrid online store offers different models of pressure relief cushions, all of them of he highest quality and at a very competitive price. Our team of professionals can advise you on the most suitable product for your needs.

We offer you the highest quality products and a very competitive price.

If you have any questions about the model to choose, we are here to help you, contact us.

Wool cushion cover. Pressure relief cushion. Prevention of bedsores, postpartum fistulas, hemorrhoids etc.

45 €
VAT Incl.

Sanidare cushion provides cushioning and comfort in the toilet.

50 €
VAT Incl.

The "visco gel" cushion is a shaped cushion made of memory foam with memory foam and gel.

65 €
VAT Incl.

Anatomic memory foam cushion that relieves pressure. Provides great stability

65 €
VAT Incl.

This cushion prevents pressure ulcers. Viscoelastic material reduces pressure.

70 €
VAT Incl.

Optimal distribution of pressures.High-density memory foam base & a gel layer in the coccyx area

72 €
VAT Incl.

Designed for patients with low risk of pressure ulcers (Braden Scale)

75 €
VAT Incl.

Memory foam cushion to achieve an excellent positioning as well as a greater reduction in pressure.

87 €
VAT Incl.

This cushion prevents pressure ulcers. Breathable, waterproof and elastic cover.

105 €
VAT Incl.

Square pressure relief gel cushion. Made of liquid flotation soft silicone gel.

105 €
VAT Incl.