Positioning Backs

Wheelchair positioning backs are designed for people who need special trunk control or are looking for more comfort. Below we offer you the backrests that we have chosen for their comfort and design.

  • Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45

    It helps prevent and relieve back pain. It is also recommended for pregnant women.
    VAT included - Free Shipping
  • Relax backrest

    Memory foam backrest with support for the back. Provides stability thanks to its side pads.
    VAT included - Free Shipping

Wheelchair positioning backs

The backrests for wheelchairs help you maintain an upright, stable and ergonomic posture, increasing your comfort and tolerance to prolonged sitting. They offer firm support and ensure the correct positioning of your spine. Energy is transmitted more efficiently, which means that less effort is required to propel the wheelchair.

The Accessible Madrid online store offers you different models of positioning backups. Our team of professionals can advise you on the most suitable product for your needs. You can also find pressure relief cushions, pressure relief air cushions, Positioning Backs and heads and head positioning. We offer the highest quality products at a very competitive price.