Sedens Visco-gel anti-decubitus cushion

Sedens Visco-gel anti-decubitus cushion

The Sedens Visco-gel anti-decubitus cushion is designed for patients with medium risk of pressure ulcers (Braden Scale). Made with anti-allergenic materials and antibacterial treatment.


Designed for patients with a medium risk of pressure ulcers, according to the Braden Scale.

Made with BASF high-density foam (85 kg / m3) and gel, an anti-allergenic material and with antibacterial treatment, it combines the best of both materials, achieving the optimal balance between reducing pressure and temperature control.

Its ergonomic shape helps to maintain a correct postural positioning.

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Measurements: 410X410X65 mm / 430X430X65mm

Weight: 2,6 kg/2,94KG

Maximum weight supported: 110KG.

Cushion: BASF memory foam (85kg / m3) and double density polyurethane gel.

Cover: Incontinence (Bielastic PU)

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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