Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment

Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment

The Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment cushion combines the skin and soft tissue protection and Shape Fitting Technology® of a ROHO DRY FLOATATION® cushion with the stability of a contoured foam base. The form-fitting air insert provides critical pressure redistribution around the pelvic area for those with an obliquity. And the two independent compartments allow you to adjust the inflation levels to your exact shape and ideal position.

The Roho Hybrid Elite Roho Dual Compartment anti-decubitus cushion has a design that at the same time provides great stability and good posture to the user, protects their skin.

For people with medium-high risk of bedsores. Dry Floatation technology combined with a rigid Jay foam base. Consult price for special measures.

Based on clinical, scientific or engineering evidence, this product may be suitable for people who:

You have a history of skin / soft tissue rupture and / or any stage pressure injuries (including deep tissue injury), skin grafts, and / or myocutaneous flap surgery.

You currently have skin / soft tissue rupture and / or any stage pressure injury (including deep tissue injury).

They are at risk for skin / soft tissue breakdown and / or deep tissue injury.

You have a normal or altered sensation.

They require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry, up to approximately 5 cm.

They require greater stability.

They require alignment of the lower extremities.

They require correction of pelvic (medial lateral) asymmetry, up to approximately 5 cm.

Hybrid Elite Roho anti-decubitus cushion


-Maintain good posture and alignment of the pelvis and legs. Users with asymmetric posture problems and / or need more stable lateral or anterior / posterior positioning (by inserting the dual compartment cushion, in various sizes).

-Patients at risk of bedsores with a medium-high level.

-That require a high-level postural base.

-Evolutionary pathologies.

Hybrid Elite Roho

With Dry Floatation technology it combines extraordinary protection that it gives to the skin with the perfect adaptation to the user's contour with the firmness of a rigid Jay foam base. ROHO's DRY FLOATATION System is one of the most effective support surfaces in the care and prevention of pressure ulcers. Thanks to the DRY FLOATATION technology, it distributes the pressure evenly over the entire surface, thus exerting optimal skin protection.


- Breathable, elastic, washable cover with comfort foam.

- Individual cells fit each profile.

- Made of M2 fire resistant neoprene rubber.

- Maximum user weight: 225Kg.

- Each cushion includes: cover, inflation pump, repair kit and instruction manual.

- Weight of 1.5 kg.


Adjustable to shape and weight in the pelvic loading area

Adjustable to changes in the individual's position in the pelvic load area over time

Hydrostatic load distribution across the pelvic loading area

Provides up to approximately 7 cm of immersion

Adds little weight to the entire mobility system

The air-filled cushion insert can be easily cleaned and disinfected

The cover can be machine washed and disinfected, the foam base can be cleaned with a damp cloth

Neoprene cushion insert can be patched or repaired to extend use

Contoured foam base and air insert are fluid resistant

Foam insert is contoured to support legs

Foam insert is easy to clean and sanitize

Skin / soft tissue protection

The dual-compartment Roho Hybrid Elite cushion hydrostatically charges the ischial tuberosities and posterior shelf of the greater trochanters for those at risk of skin / soft tissue rupture. Unmatched in performance, the ROHO cushion insert allows for immersion and envelopment of the individual's shape. Provides an adjustable and reduced friction and shear environment that can help protect the individual from pressure injuries when sitting. The dual valve option on the ROHO insert allows for additional customization to suit an individual's specific shape and asymmetry. It allows up to approximately 7 cm of immersion.

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• Cushion combined with rigid foam base and air cells.

• Provides the protection of Dry Floatation® technology with the stability of a rigid base.

• Maximum control in lower extremities and alignment of the pelvis.

• More stable in transfers.

• For users in need of high-level positioning.

• To choose between 1 and 2 valves.


Breathable, elastic, washable cover with comfort foam

Individual cells fit each profile

Made of M2 fire resistant neoprene rubber

Maximum user weight: 225Kg

Each cushion includes: cover, inflation pump, repair kit and instruction manual

Weight 1.5 kg

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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