Pressure Relief Air Cushions

Pressure relief air cushions are indicated for all those people who spend much of the of time seated and do not change their position regularly. This type of cushion instantly relieves pressure in the end of the back: coccyx, sacrum, insquiotibials, etc. Pressure relief air cushions are especially recommended for people who have a high or very high risk of suffering from bedsores.

What are pressure relief cushions?

Pressure relief air cushions are made up of interconnected cells that are inflated to the pressure we want. The contact surface expands and the pressure drops, so that the blood from the blood vessels manages to reach the tissues, preventing ulcers.

Who should buy an pressure relief air cushion for?

Pressure relief cushion is recommended for users with a high risk of suffering from bedsores or who already have one and also for patients with little control or trunk imbalance. These cushions are composed of air cells, so the pressure alternates, relieving all areas.

How do pressure relief air cushions work?

Thanks to its inflation areas, we can adjust the air pressure in the cushion for each user to relieve pressure points, having a greater blood flow and thus oxygenating the part of the coccyx and sacrum. This type of cushions are the perfect ally to the body's own defenses to combat wounds and edema produced during the healing process.

Air cell cushions make blood flow as easy as possible. They distribute the pressure perfectly. They cushion bumps and shocks. They are suitable for users: with high risk of injuries or loss of skin continuity. With severe muscle atrophy. Unable to perform pulsations. Requiring maximum comfort.

Features of pressure relief cushions

Adjustability of a pressure relief air cushion

These cushions are individually adjusted to all the needs of the seat.

Ventilation of an air cushion

The individual air cells leave space for air to circulate between them, thereby obtaining adequate ventilation.

Cleaning an air cushion

Pressure relief cushions are easy to clean and disinfect.

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