TerrainHopper Overlander Mini

TerrainHopper Overlander Mini

The TerrainHopper Overlander Mini electric wheelchair takes you on authentic outdoor experiences. With this all-terrain wheelchair you can practice the most extreme off-road and access inaccessible places.

These power chairs have a built-in motor in each wheel, and can be used with rear or full 4-wheel drive. Thanks to its independent suspension system, the TerrainHopper Overlander Mini can drive on very unfavorable surfaces, it can even go over the trunk of a fallen tree. Some have called it "Mini Land Rover".

The TerrainHopper family has an all-terrain wheelchair for the little ones. The TerrainHopper Overlander Mini wheelchair is "the baby" of the Overlanders, with all the all-terrain capacity like the largest Overlander 4ZX, mud, snow, sand are also no impediments for this chair.

The TerrainHopper Overlander Mini children's all-terrain wheelchair is designed for children from 7 years old to small adults, and is available with two rear wheels or four wheels. Its great stability, climbing ability and extraordinary driving performance allow it to be driven on various types of terrain.

Thanks to its side anti-roll bars, the seat with adjustable backrest and its independent suspension system, this vehicle with reduced mobility for children provides a comfortable and safe ride.

Also in the Overlander Mini wheelchair, the driver can control the chair through its optional dual control system, making it possible to control the chair through the handlebars or with the joystick on the hand control.

The four-wheel drive model has the system of being able to switch from two-wheel drive to save energy when we are driving.

Like the other Overlander all-terrain wheelchair models, it can be configured for use in fresh water, salt water, fine beach sand or mountain rocks.

Overlander chairs are made to order and tailored to the user, which can be configured in many different ways. Do not hesitate to ask any question about it.

This product requires a previous and personalized configuration for each user. Each chair is made to order. Our specialist team offers to advise you on the type of tire, frame, type of seat, etc.

Standard configuration

-Speed option 1 (Ideal for extreme off-road): 6.5 km/h

-Speed option 2 (For medium terrain use): 9.6 km/h

-Speed option 3 (For use on moderate terrain): 13 km/h

-4x4 traction (1 750W motor on each wheel)

-Lithium Batteries 2x 12v 100Ah = 100Ah (expandable to 200Ah optionally)

-Disc brake on the front wheels (only with handlebars)

-Maximum user weight: 90 Kg

-Double electrical system (one for the front and one for the rear in the 4x4 version)

-Independent suspension on each wheel

-Rear view mirrors

-Protective bar with lateral opening (Side to choose)

-Comfort seat

-Seat belt

-Front and rear LED light

-Turn signals

-Steering handlebar with trigger

-Smooth or taco covers to choose

-Security key

Accessories (optional)

-Control with joystick

-Control with handles and joystick

-Submersible motors

-Air protection screen

-4 or 5 point safety harness

-Front winch with Lithium charger and fixings

-Carbon fiber seat

-Additional lights

-Protection bar with opening on both sides

-Upper roll bar

-Manual swivel seat

-Depth adjustable footrest platform

-Fenders for wheels

-Articulated cup holder

-Rear support for accessories

-Rear platform for objects

-Rear trunk with closure



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Length: 140cm

Width: 90cm

Height: 121.5cm

Total weight: 175 kg

max speed option 1 (extreme off-road): 6.5 km/h

max speed option 2 (off-road medium terrain): 9.6 km/h

max speed option 3 (moderate off-road): 13 km/h

Maximum slope going up: 20 degrees

Maximum slope going down: 45 degrees

Lateral tilt: 20 degrees

Seat width: 42 cm

Seat depth: 43 cm

Free height to the ground: 25 cm

Seat to floor height: 70 cm

Height of the seat to the footrest platform: 35 cm

Footrest platform length: 50 cm

Wheel diameter: 54 cm

Turning radius: 3.2 meters

Maximum user weight: 90 Kg

Recommended maintenance:

Normal use (annual) - Intensive Use (Every 3 months)

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 3 years and 6 month on the battery

10% VAT and transportation included

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