Vermeiren Forest 3 SU

Vermeiren Forest 3 SU

The Vermeiren Forest 3 S.U standing power chair is much more than just a mobility chair; is a masterpiece of design and technology that redefines the travel experience and improves the quality of life for those seeking freedom and comfort. Designed by Vermeiren, a leader in mobility solutions, the Forest 3 S.U is the answer to the changing needs of people with mobility problems.


Electric Standing and Recline: Easily switch between standing and recline positions thanks to the integrated electrical system.

Powerful Batteries: Equipped with two 80 Ah batteries for long and worry-free autonomy.

Preformed Padded Seat: The preformed and padded seat offers optimal comfort and support.

Adjustable Armrests: The armrests are adjustable in height and width to adapt to different users.

Adjustable Seat Depth: Customize the seat depth to your preferences.

Chest Strap and Safety Belt: Provides stability and safety during standing and other movements.

Pneumatic Wheels: Pneumatic front and rear wheels for a smooth ride on various surfaces.

Pivoting Axle: The pivoting axis makes it easy to overcome obstacles and unevenness.

LiNX Electronics: Advanced technology that adapts to driving conditions, including automatic compensation in diverse terrain.

Color Customization: Available in six different colors to suit each user's style preferences.

Benefits of Standing: Bipedal posture improves circulation, breathing, postural alignment and stability.

Promoting Independence: Standing and mobility improve the self-esteem and independence of people with mobility problems.

Forest 3 S.U Features: Includes all the features of Vermeiren's Forest model, offering quality and functionality.

Evolutionary Technology: LiNX electronics are modular and scalable, with adaptive programming.

Technological Innovation: Avant-garde LiNX Electronics with revolutionary programming.

Benefits of standing

Standing provides great benefits both physically and psychologically. Obtaining a bipedal posture improves breathing, circulation, even digestion. Regarding muscles, the bipedal posture helps reduce spasticity. Likewise, standing provides correct postural alignment, activates blood circulation, and facilitates breathing and promotes lung expansion. The bipedal posture improves the stability and balance of the upper body of the person with mobility problems. Standing chairs such as the Forest 3 S.U standing electric chair allow people with mobility problems to improve their self-esteem and be more independent.


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Length: 117cm

Width: 67cm

Backrest width: 45 cm

Backrest height: 61 cm

Backrest depth 45 to 50 cm (adjustable)

Armrest to seat height: 24.2 to 35 cm (adjustable)

Seat height from the floor 53 cm (without cushion)

Maximum slope: 9º

Ability to overcome obstacles: 10 cm

Turning radius: 132 cm

2 x 220W motor (350W optional)

Battery 2 x 12V 80Ah

Maximum speed: 6 km/h

Maximum autonomy: 50 km

Front wheels: 20 cm (pneumatic or solid)

Rear wheels: 35 cm (pneumatic or solid)

Total weight: 130 Kg

Maximum user weight: 165 Kg

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years and 6 months on the batteries

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