Best suitcase mobility scooters. Beware of cheap imitations!

Best suitcase mobility scooters. Beware of cheap imitations!


Are you looking for a compact and folding mobility scooter that allows you to travel comfortably and safely? Do you want to enjoy the freedom to move around independently? Would you like to have a lightweight folding scooter that suits your needs and is easy to transport and store? If you answered yes to these questions, keep reading because we have the perfect solution for you: Movinglife’s ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooters from Accessible Madrid.

Accessible Madrid is a leading company in the reduced mobility products market, with more than ten years of experience offering an impeccable service to its customers. We are official distributors of ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooters, two innovative models that have revolutionized the sector due to their design, materials and functionality.

ATTO and ATTO SPORT are two models from the Movinglife brand, an Israeli manufacturer that bases its success on technology, design and a different way of looking at mobility, from necessity to enjoyment. This company of Israeli origin that has the patent for these scooters and who designed both models, is the brand that provides Accessible Madrid with original spare parts, accessories and technical assistance.


Did you know that there are other brands that have tried to copy the design of ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooters? Do not be fooled by cheap imitations that come from China and do not offer any guarantee or quality.

These scooters can be dangerous for your safety and for your pocket, since they can break down easily and they do not have spare parts or technical service in Spain.

ATTO SPORT model. MovingLife.


Movinglife’s ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooters are the only suitcase-style scooters that fold up and split into two parts in less than 10 seconds, making it easy to transport and store. In addition, their batteries are approved by IATA for air travel, which makes them the ideal scooters for travelers. In fact, depending on the airline, they can travel in the cabin of the plane as one more suitcase.

But not only that, ATTO and ATTO SPORT mobility scooters also stand out for their quality and reliability. They are made of resistant and light materials, such as aluminum and ABS plastic. The ATTO SPORT features a patented suspension system that absorbs uneven terrain and ensures a smooth and stable ride.

Both have a range of up to 16 km and a top speed between 6 km/h and 10 km/h. And most importantly: they have a three-year guarantee and their own technical service in Spain run by Accessible Madrid, which ensures a quick response to any incident.

In addition, the Movinglife brand provides Accessible Madrid with a broad range of original accessories, which you can purchase at our store in Madrid or through our website.

ATTO model. MovingLife.

Don't play it with your mobility and health and trust only the original Movinglife’s ATTO and ATTO SPORT scooters from Accessible Madrid. They are the best scooters for people with disabilities who want to travel with total independence and comfort. You can see and try them in our physical store or on our website, where you will find all the detailed information about their characteristics and prices. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Don't wait any longer and get your ATTO or ATTO SPORT scooter today. We deliver for free within the spanish península in 48-72 hours. Ask us for a quote for other destinations. We offer you a personalized after-sales service. In addition, if you have a spanish disability certificate of more than 33% degree, you can benefit from a reduction in VAT, from 21% to 4%.

If you are visiting Spain and you are a Non European resident we can offer you Tax Free Purchase and you can take the scooter to your country by plane saving a lot of money in customs duties and VAT. 

Don't hesitate any longer and choose the reduced mobility scooter that best suits you: the ATTO scooter or the ATTO SPORT scooter from Accessible Madrid. They are the most reliable, comfortable and practical suitcase type scooters on the market. You will not regret!