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It is hard to believe how a mobility scooter can turn into an encapsulated trolley, the size you would take with you on an airplane. The Atto is a scooter that not only folds but one which magically transform into a trolley. The designers and engineers had to practically invent the wheel in order to make this dream come true. Please click here to watch an amazing video about the ATTO foldable scooter.

No compromise in Comfort and Safety
‘Atto’ is a scooter designed especially for physically challenged people. When unfolded, ‘Atto”s wide footprint (56cm/22” between rear wheels) gives the driver a comfortable and safe driving experience. Moving Life does this without compromising the small size achieved when folded. Users can effortlessly set any of the smart mechanisms for a perfect fit, including the adjustable user interface tilt, adjustable seat height and folding arm rests. Foot rest surface is flat for easy mounting, angled for comfort driving and covered with a special material to prevent slipping, all to create an obstacle-free environment.

Invisible? Well, almost!
Where did that scooter disappear to? When folded, the scooter becomes an innocent piece of luggage that no one imagines can turn in seconds into a full sized, stable, safe, and comfortable mobility scooter. This is a unique attribute ‘Transfolding’ as it folds like magic while at the same time transforms into something else. You choose whether to ride it or roll it effortlessly along with you!

Superb Engineering
‘Atto’ was built from over 200 uniquely designed parts, implementing multiple disciplines and best of breed technologies. What makes this product so special and attractive is the fact that each of its parts and mechanisms, visible or hidden, was designed to provide functionality that never existed in other products. This kind of approach is only possible to implement when a company sets the highest standards as its goal.

Go shopping… or anywhere
‘Atto’ introduces a large space under the seat for carrying shopping bags, or whatever you need to move from one point to another. It was designed focusing on users’ daily life needs. The trick was to implement these needs into a modern Transfolding vehicle that can go with you anywhere you want.


When it comes to folding, Atto is the most compact mobility scooter in the world. Nevertheless, when open and ready to drive, Atto is the largest and most comfortable in its category.

METRIC (cm) Height Length Width
Trolley mode 72 39 42
Drive mode 90 120 56

IMPERIAL (inches) Height Length Width
Trolley mode 28 15.3 16.5
Drive mode 35 47 22

Part Kg Lbs
Front half 12.0 26.4
Rear half 16.2 35.7
Assembled * 28.2 62.2
Battery 1.85 4.1
* Without battery

Maximum user weight:
120 Kg

Although Atto’s seat is thin and stylish, it was designed to provide comfort and safety and can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. The seat mechanism can be locked at one of three fixed heights, ranging from 560 to 610 mm (22 to 24 inches) from the ground.

Atto’s minimum ground clearance is as follows:
Metric 10 cm
Imperial 4″

Atto uses a powerful, yet compact advanced-technology lightweight 48 Volts lithium-ion battery. Weighing only 2 kg (4.4 lbs), the battery allows for more than 16 km (10 miles) of continuous driving while requiring only 4 hours (on average) to fully charge. As for charging options, you can charge Atto on-board and off-board, meaning that you can, but do not have to, take the battery off the vehicle in order to charge it. Removing the battery is as easy as pressing a button. Reinstalling the battery is as easy as putting it back in place.

While most countries allow a maximum speed of 6-7 km/h (about 4 mph), Atto can go up to 10 km/h (about 6 mph) depending on local regulations. Once the maximum speed has been set by a technician, it is very easy to set your current maximum speed with one of the presets by simply clicking a button and receiving feedback from Atto’s clear view display.

To allow smooth and continues drive over many years and large distances, Moving Life has developed a unique fully custom brushless permanent magnet DC motor combining solid core and powerful gear along with robust braking mechanism. Via sophisticated software algorithms the motor unitizes modern reverse charging techniques for deceleration and stopping providing smooth driving experience.

Atto’s charger is a small yet smart and powerful charger with the ability to connect to any electrical grid rating 110VAC – 240VAC.

Atto’s front and rear halves can be easily separated in only a few seconds by operating a knob and two handles. The same technique applies to putting the two halves back together. This is very useful when storing Atto in the trunk or in an airplane’s overhead bins.

One of the most common questions people ask is how much time it takes to fold and unfold Atto. Moving Life tested this question and got the following results: It takes less time to fold (or unfold) Atto then it takes to read this paragraph! Only 12 seconds are required as shown in the following video .

There are three mechanisms that can be adjusted to provide maximum customization of the tiller. These include (a) the handlebar height; (b) the steering rod angle; and (c) the handlebar angle. These three adjustments combined ensure the user’s comfort and safety.

Preliminary tests show a minimum height of 150 cm (5 Feet) is required for safe driving. This is NOT a formal recommendation, we have not concluded the tests, and you should check with your medical advisor.

Atto was designed and tested according to strict water resistance standard IP54 requiring the equipment to be water splashed from multiple angles, for a long period of time and at high pressure. After taking a 50 litters shower Atto continued to work with zero malfunctions which guarantees resistance to normal outdoor conditions. Nevertheless, we recommend storing Atto indoor to ensure maximal lifetime of high performance and for safety reasons use it only under dry weather conditions.

There are many accessories a user can add to Atto and we will discuss these in the future. At this time we will mention the ability to charge your mobile phone directly from the handlebar when it is mounted on a designated, easy-to-use smartphone holder.

Atto’s prototypes are already flying all over the world with their users, and in 95 percent of the flights, it flew in the passengers cabin and was stored either in the overhead compartment or in the crew’s closet.


Who is the ATTO intended for?
ATTO is intended for people who suffer from an injury, physical disability, or medical condition which means they are unable to walk long distances.

What are the minimum requirements for using the ATTO?
Intended users should assess their eyesight, reaction time, balance and posture, ability to sit for long periods of time, concentration and ability to get on and off the mobility scooter. Intended users should also be able to judge distance, recognize obstacles and hazards, and be able to see pedestrians and other road users. In any case please check with a medical professional.

Are there any limits to the age of the user?
While there is no age limit, all users must taller than 150cm (5 feet) for maximum safety.

I am nondisabled. Can I still use ATTO for myself?
In most countries, mobility scooters may be used by a nondisabled person who is demonstrating a vehicle before sale, training a disabled user or taking the vehicle to or from a place for maintenance or repair.

Do I need to practice before using ATTO for the first time / Do I need an instructor?
ATTO is very easy to operate; it requires no special skills and can be learned quickly.

To help you learn Moving Life has created a simple video you can watch. Look for the instructional videos here: www.movinglife.com/videos
If you are using a mobility vehicle for the first time, or if it has been a while since you have driven one, Moving Life strongly advises you to practice in order ensure that you can steer and control the vehicle properly, especially on uneven surfaces, until you feel you can use it safely.

Are there any medication that exclude me from using the ATTO?
If you regularly take medication that makes you drowsy, you should consider whether it would be safe to use a mobility scooter. If you are in any doubt, consult your doctor. You should not use a mobility scooter if you have been drinking alcohol.

What is the maximum weight allowed?
The maximum user weight for our current model is 100 Kg (220 Lbs.).

Do you have a model that can accommodate larger users?
Not at the moment but Moving life is intended to certify the same model for 120-140 Kg (260-300 lbs.) although it will be a while before we can release it.

Day-to-Day Use
How long can I drive the ATTO between battery charges?

The battery allows for more than 16 km (10 miles) of continuous driving while requiring only 4 hours (on average) to fully charge.
Can I use the ATTO indoors and outdoors?

ATTO is designed for use both indoors and outdoors on various surfaces, such as sidewalks, pavements, footpaths, bridleways, pedestrian areas, and on roads during street crossings.
Can I use ATTO in the rain?

Yes, only if you have to in order to go out of the rain. To ensure a lifetime of high performance, as well as for your own safety, Moving Life recommends using only under dry weather conditions.
How long does it take to open and close ATTO?

It takes only 12 seconds to open or fold ATTO. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos
Is it easy to load ATTO into and out of a car?

It’s very easy and takes only few seconds to split ATTO into two easy to lift parts. When your journey is over, simply join the two parts together. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos

Can I adjust the seat height?
Yes. The seat mechanism can be adjusted to one of three fixed heights. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos

Can I adjust the height and angle of the driving console?
Yes. The console can be adjusted to various heights and angles for maximum comfort. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos

More On Battery Use
Can the battery be charged separately from the scooter?

Yes. You can charge ATTO on-board and off-board, meaning that you can (but do not have to), take the battery off the scooter in order to charge it.
Removing and reinstalling the battery is easy. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos

May I use the battery when partially charged?

What about “Battery Memory Effect”?
Memory effect occur only in older battery technology. ATTO uses advanced Lithium-Ion battery which guarantees the battery will always utilize all of its storage capacity.

Should I charge the battery before it’s completely flat?
Yes, it will ensure long service life.

Traveling With ATTO
Is it safe to take with me on a plane?
Yes. Most airlines will allow you to board the ATTO into the cabin, where it can be stored in the overhead compartments. Otherwise it can be stored in the baggage hold.

The airline I commonly use has a restriction on the wattage of the lithium batteries on the plane. What is the wattage of your battery?
According to IATA a mobility scooter Li-Ion battery is limited to 350 W/h. Most airlines staff are not aware of this figure and will sometimes require a maximum of 150 W/h (the IATA’s limit for laptop batteries), at which point you may present them with the battery certification documents you received with ATTO. ATTO’s standard battery that is currently shipped is 250 W/h. Moving Life will also offer a small 100 W/h and large 450 W/h, both will be available late 2016.

Can I take it on public transport?
Absolutely. ATTO was designed with public transport in mind and can be taken on trains, buses, taxis, boats, tuk-tuks, etc.

What are the ATTO’s dimensions?

ATTO’s dimensions, units in cm (inch):
Mode Height Length Width
Trolley 72 (28) 39 (15.3) 42 (16.5)
Drive 90 (35) 120 (47) 56 (22)

What is ATTO’s weight?
ATTO’s weight, units in Kg (Lbs.):

Front half 12 (26.4)
Rear half 16.2 (35.7)
Assembled * 28.2 (62.2)
Battery 1.85 (4.1)
* Without the battery

What is the ATTO’s maximum driving speed?
ATTO’s maximum driving speed is 6.4 km/h (4 mph), and in some countries it’s allowed up to up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph)

Can it drive it in reverse gear?
Yes. ATTO is equipped with a driving direction button. Simply press on the button to change the driving direction.

What is the ATTO’s turning radios?
1.35 meters (53”).

What is the maximum incline degree?
The maximum incline 6 degrees.

What is the minimum ground clearance?
ATTO’s minimum ground clearance is 10 cm (4”).

Does ATTO comes with arm rests?
No. ATTO will have armrests in future models although they might not be compatible with the current model.

Build and Certifications
What are the materials used in this model?
ATTO is built using aviation grade aluminum, high-tech plastics, nylon enforced ABS and PU filled non-pneumatic tires.

What type of battery technology do you use?
ATTO uses a powerful, yet compact and lightweight 48 Volts “non-spillable” lithium-Ion battery, and a UL and CE approved charger with self-shutdown functionality for safety and for extended battery and charger lifetime.

What is the wattage of your battery?
ATTO’s standard battery that is currently shipped is 250 W/h. We will also offer a small 100 W/h and large 450 W/h, both will be available late 2016.

What type of motor do you use?
To allow smooth and continuous drive over many years and large distances and a smooth driving experience we developed a unique, fully customized, brushless, permanent magnet DC motor (BLDC), combining solid core and powerful gear along with robust braking mechanism.

What safety tests has the ATTO passed?
The ATTO Mobility Scooter is designed to comply with the following international safety requirements for medical electrical equipment: Safety: EN 12182 and ISO 7176-15 EMC: ISO 7176-21
Risk Management: ISO 14971
Regulatory Compliance: EEC: Annex V of 93/42/EEC
The European Medical Devices Directive of 93/42/EEC classifies the ATTO Mobility Scooter as a Class I device.

What safety and certification tests has the battery passed?
All of ATTO's batteries are certified using two standards: Safety: IEC 62133 ; Sea and Air Transport: UN 38.3

Service, Maintenance and Warranty

What is ATTO’s service life?
ATTO’s expected service life is 10 years and it will extend much longer provided care and maintenance procedures are carefully followed.

Should I lubricate ATTO to as part of its regular maintenance?
Yes. To ensure long service life, ATTO should be lubricated every 6 months at least, following the simple instructions in your owner’s manual. This requires no special skills and can be done by everyone. All lubrication points are easily accessible. Please watch the instructional video to see how it is done: www.movinglife.com/videos

Will you supply the lubricant?
Yes, the lubricant is supplied inside the box. Please watch the unboxing video: www.movinglife.com/videos

Who do I call when I have a problem?
For any technical question or repairs, and in any event of an emergency, contact Moving Life's technical support team from anywhere in the world, available 24/7. Please visit www.movinglife.com/contact and follow instructions.

If I purchased ATTO from Moving Life and need repair, will you send a technician?
Of course, Moving Life guarantees first class service and minimum down time to your ATTO. Moving Life will work with you to solve the problem as soon as possible and with least possible interference, and when necessary send a certified Moving Life technician to your location.

Will you send me replacement parts?
Because we are committed to our users, after a certified Moving Life technician will assesses which parts need to be replaced, Moving Life will send them directly to you for the technician to replace. Moving Life will cover the cost of all replacement parts, shipping and maintenance for parts under the warranty period (read below).

What does the warranty policy cover?
Three Year Warranty – Structural frame components, including: mobility scooter chassis, steering mechanism, seat mechanism, rear wheels extensions, welds on entire products.

Two Year Warranty – All electronic parts, including controllers and battery chargers. Servicing to the controller or battery charger must be carried out by an authorized Moving Life dealer. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items renders the guarantee void on that item.

One Year Warranty – Drivetrain, including: motor, front wheel fork and brake.

Six Month Warranty – Batteries are covered by a six month warranty from the original manufacturer. Gradual deterioration in battery performance due to not following usage instructions specified in owner’s manual or worn out through heavy use is not covered.

Buying and Shipping

How can I order ATTO?
You can order online and pay using your credit card, or you can ask Moving Life to send you a mail order form which you can use for paying either with a credit card or a wire transfer.
To order ATTO online, use the following link: shop.movinglife.com/

How much does shipping cost?
You can calculate your shipping costs by adding a unit to your online shopping and proceeding to the checkout point, where you can enter your shipping address (you will not be asked for credit-card information).

Calculate the shipping costs here: shop.movinglife.com

Will you ship ATTO immediately once I order it?
There is a waiting list and the next shipment date is specified here: shop.movinglife.com

Do you ship ATTO anywhere in the world?
While Moving Life starts shipping ATTO as planned and you can now order it online, Moving Life is not currently shipping units to the USA due to regulatory issues, we assume it will take another 6-9 months before ATTO can be ordered into the US.

Is it safe to buy ATTO directly from Moving Life?
Absolutely. Since Moving Life developed the ATTO and manufacture it, Moving Life is also committed to provide first class support to our users and provide an entire new level of customer service that very few companies in the world provide that is guaranteed to keep you happy throughout your ATTO experience.

How do you ship ATTO?
Moving Life ships ATTO using UPS courier service. Even though it might take fewer days, please allow up to 7-10 days for shipping

Do I need to assemble ATTO when it arrives?
ATTO comes fully assembled and ready to use from the box. Please watch the unboxing video: www.movinglife.com/videos

Is it safe to invest in a new product like the ATTO?
Absolutely! Even though ATTO has only recently been released to the market, it has already been used extensively by users around the world for over a year and has already proven itself to be the most reliable machine of its kind. ATTO has been rigorously tested and meets the most up-to date certification tests in the world.


Is there a refund policy?
30 day money-back guarantee.

Will I receive the full amount I paid?
Yes, excluding shipping costs and taxes you may have paid to your local vendors or authorities.